The Bunny Drop Project

The Bunny Drop Project was founded when I decided I wanted to do a bit of yarn bombing. I’m pretty sure some of you’ve seen the slightly epic yarn bombings in the news. But I didn’t want to crochet ALL THAT (imagine how much time it would take to do this bus) so I looked around and found this group. They knit little cats and leave them places. So, since I can’t knit at all, I decided I would do crochet. Crochet bunnies. Bunnies because they’re cute.

So I started to crochet bunnies. Pretty soon I had my own little army. I even designed a tag for them, see?

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 9.05.12 PMCute, right? So I print sheets of them out, punch holes in the corners, tie them on and when I go somewhere, I try to bring one or two along.

If you want to join, it’s simple. Make a crochet bunny, print out a tag or make your own, tie the tag around the bunny (I tie a bow around the ear) and leave it wherever you go next! And if you want, you can comment on this page and I’ll add your name to the list of members!

Oh, if you want to print out the tags I’ve made, here. Bunny Drop Tags (PDF)


Gumdrop Bunny – by me

Classic Bunny – by me

Big Bunny – by River

Cogaroo’s bunny – by The Cogaroo

~Current Members~

Koko (me)



Miss Kim

The Cogaroo

25 Responses to The Bunny Drop Project

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  3. rastelly says:

    I’ve never learned to Knit – but that’s my problem –
    You came up with the tiny bunny! So my search is

    I love the idea, its cute and funny! and spontainious!
    I might do a bohemians at large article on you –

    and you conspiracy to take over the world by
    utising the insideous power of cuteness!

    Can you show a picture of your bunnies?
    are they all different?

  4. rastelly says:

    Where did you get that penguin animation?
    I want one.

  5. The Cogaroo says:

    I will be participating in the Bunny Drop Project. I’ve crocheted a bunny but haven’t ‘dropped’ it anywhere yet. It’s such a good idea!

  6. The Cogaroo says:

    There we are, I published a BDP page here: In case you wanted to check it out. I also added the button to my blog. Thank you for doing all the hard set-up work for the BDP! 😉

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  8. The Cogaroo says:

    Thank you! 🙂 I am very excited.

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  11. Megan says:

    What a cool idea. I live on a college campus and this would be so cool to leave for people to find. 🙂

  12. hostilewinter says:

    If y’all are still doing this, I would like to join!
    If you want to put me on the list of members, you can call me either Winter or hostilewinter, whichever work for you! ^^

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