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Yeah. You probably won’t get this if you haven’t read the book. Anyway, Johanna strips in an elevator after the parade-thingy, and Finnick’s stylist decided to dress him in practically nothing. Just a strategically knotted fishing net. But anyway, Katniss’s … Continue reading

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Do I –really– need a title?

Is it just me, or does Sunny look like a vampire? Anyway, haven’t really been posting much cause I had to do catch-up to math. Which means two 3-hour assignments a day. And they’re HARD. But now that’s all over, … Continue reading

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Awesome things

Awesome things. Hmm. How about this. XD look at them! –5 minutes later– My inspiration has died. –half a minute later– My inspiration is back! Why don’t I post all the Youtube videos that I love…Nah, not a good idea. … Continue reading

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A slightly weird drawing and a VERY annoying fly

There is a VERY annoying fly in my room right now. It keeps flying around and landing on me or my glasses. And there is a high pitched noise hurting my ear. And now I’m itchy. And math hates me. … Continue reading

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Bunny drop off/Quote of the week

Tomorrow, on Thursday the 26th, I will be leaving a crochet bunny or two at the Bloomingdale library. Hint: Check near the Harry Potter books in the young adult section. For TAB volunteers and/or librarians: Check the fridge. Happy bunny … Continue reading

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So, how are you? I am sitting in my room looking at old tweets and trying to chat with a friend who seems to be distracted.  Yep. I have no life. *sighs* I need money. *gets idea* Hey, if I … Continue reading

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