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30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: A photo of you taken recently. Hmm. A photo of when I was a baby is one thing, a photo of me now though . . . Ah ha! I have the perfect solution! Great, now I look … Continue reading

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Yep, you heard it. IT IS MY BIRTHDAYYYYYY. And now I will be a spoilsport and not do anything for my birthday. HA. I’m just sitting in my room, reading fanfic,messing with pictures, setting up my new blog . . … Continue reading

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Make-it-Monday (late post) ~scarf~

LATE POST! Sorry, I didn’t schedule this post for yesterday, I forgot to. SORRY SORRY SORRY. *grovels at readers’ feet* I AM NOT WORTHY. Anyway, scarves. Yep. In my defense, I was bored, my inspiration has been kidnapped, my dad … Continue reading

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Make-it-Monday ~preemie hat~

I’ve been making lots of preemie hats to donate lately, and I thought I’d post the pattern. You’ll need an H hook baby yarn scissors Starter: Ch 3, sl st in first ch to form a loop. Rnd 1: Ch … Continue reading

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Make-It-Monday ~plarn~

Plarn.  Ever heard of it?  I hadn’t either. Well, that is, until recently when I attended a class on it.  Awesome stuff, I tell you. The things people come up with… Plarn is plastic yarn. It is one of the ultimate … Continue reading

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So, I took the first session for FCAT reading today. It sucked. I am a failure. I can’t wait for the FCAT to die. Really. And, I just passed my 1000th tweet. This is nothing to celebrate about, guys. This is a sign that I HAVE NO LIFE. I am even right now using my study time to post this on the blog.

I found a new blog to waste my time on. You can find it

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So, how are you? I am sitting in my room looking at old tweets and trying to chat with a friend who seems to be distracted.  Yep. I have no life. *sighs* I need money. *gets idea* Hey, if I … Continue reading

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