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Thoughts on School

there is a girl at your school. you don’t know her that well, but you pass her every friday in the corridors. when she is with her sibling, they glitter, like a cold, rushing stream in italy under the hot … Continue reading

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Folklore is hella weird

Recently, in my creative writing class (Yes, I’m taking Creative Writing 1 this year. Yes, I’m fully aware of how much that makes me sound like a nerd.) we read about nonfiction pieces. We had to pick one of three … Continue reading

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No one loves Snape like Snape loved Lily…

Because Snape wasn’t in love with Lily. He was obsessed, and that’s a really big difference from being in love with a person. But anyway, this is a character analysis (aka meta post) about Severus Snape, because I felt like … Continue reading

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Mustaches and Rabbits

Strange title? Yep. Anyway, let me introduce the mustache part of this post! Ta-daaa! The mustache I drew in Paint and the font, from Dafont, called Bebas Neue, and I put the thing together in Word, since my parents don’t … Continue reading

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Of Twitter and boredom

So what do you think? Also, I’m pretty sure that some people from Twitter are reading this right now. Hello, @FoursMainFear and @sassyfox01! So, anyway, I’ve decided to put up another quote so people who hate THG can enter. And … Continue reading

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So, I took the first session for FCAT reading today. It sucked. I am a failure. I can’t wait for the FCAT to die. Really. And, I just passed my 1000th tweet. This is nothing to celebrate about, guys. This is a sign that I HAVE NO LIFE. I am even right now using my study time to post this on the blog.

I found a new blog to waste my time on. You can find it

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So, at the library today having fun with the Cyber Club group, which, BTW, I am now an official member of! ¬†They We are now meeting twice weekly at the Bloomingdale Library.¬† Mondays from 4 to 5, and Thursdays from … Continue reading

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