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Yarnbombing and Strangeness

You’ve read the title of this post, I assume. This post is all about yarnbombing and strangeness. First up, yarnbombing! I mentioned in a previous post that I would be yarnbombing public places with pink crochet hearts for Single Awareness … Continue reading

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30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Five things you couldn’t possibly live without. Five things I couldn’t possibly live without? My glasses. I am blind without them. I can’t see something more than about eight inches away from my face clearly without them. It’s … Continue reading

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Earth Day

Hey guys. So, today I’m gonna post about Earth Day. As you probably know, Earth day is on the 22nd of April this year. To celebrate Earth Day, I want you guys to do as many of you can of … Continue reading

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