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I stole this post.

I stole this post. Or at least the subject. Orphu of A Mirror Made Of Words fame let me borrow her post topic, which in turn was affectionately stolen from Nevillegirl. So I indirectly stole it. Or something like that. … Continue reading

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First, to start off the Minecraft post, a real Minecraft wedding! Second, a whole site devoted to Minecraft stuff! Most notably this ‘diamond’ pendant, this Minecraft lineup tee, and this AWESOME Creeper head! This site had some really cool creations. … Continue reading

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Make-it-Monday ~blackmailing your siblings~

Unusual subject, but yes, I will be showing you how to blackmail your siblings. Today the actual blackmail is a picture of my little brother. Wearing a pink dress, bonnet, and holding one of those huge lollipops they sell at … Continue reading

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Seriously. These vids. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA . . . I should just show you. AHAHAHAHAHAAA . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA . . . AHAHHAHAHAHAHA . . . HAHAHAHAHAAAA . . . AHAHAHAHAHA . . . Well, hope this made you laugh your guts … Continue reading

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Yeah. You probably won’t get this if you haven’t read the book. Anyway, Johanna strips in an elevator after the parade-thingy, and Finnick’s stylist decided to dress him in practically nothing. Just a strategically knotted fishing net. But anyway, Katniss’s … Continue reading

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