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Oh God please no, NOT THE LIBRARY!

*embarrassingly sneaks back onto blog* H-hey, guys! I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been! Right? No? Ehm . . . Anyway, one of the many reasons I haven’t posted in a while, thus breaking my vow to post at least … Continue reading

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I stole this post.

I stole this post. Or at least the subject. Orphu of A Mirror Made Of Words fame let me borrow her post topic, which in turn was affectionately stolen from Nevillegirl. So I indirectly stole it. Or something like that. … Continue reading

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Make-it-Monday ~heart~

It has come to my attention that hardly anyone knows how to crochet a heart. So I decided to write down a small heart pattern I use for . . . Well, you’ll find out in a few days. You’ll … Continue reading

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Make-it-Monday ~fuzzy knit pillow~

I AM SO SORRY! This post is late. I have reasons, but let’s just say . . . I hate school. But anyway, a knit fun fur pillow. Enjoy! You’ll need fun fur (duh. That’s the point.) a nice color … Continue reading

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Make-it-Monday ~tater tots~

Tater tots. The pattern I made up failed, so I provide you with a link instead. Since I was so lazy. I APOLOGIZE. *grovels at feet* FORGIVE MEEE. BTW, her tater tots are the epitome of cuteness. Click for tater … Continue reading

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WAIT WHY IS IT ON CAPS LOCK GAH I CAN’T CHANGE IT BACK. WAIT . . . OH, THERE’S A CRUMB UNDER IT. There. Anywaaay . . . I forgot to post le Make-it-Monday tute SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Also, I wrote fanfic. … Continue reading

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“I promised my mom I wouldn’t go onto ANY fanfic sites today and I am so bored. Have you guys read Kingdom Keepers? They’re awesome. I wish I was a DHI. I wonder if they’re gonna make a movie. I … Continue reading

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Do I –really– need a title?

Is it just me, or does Sunny look like a vampire? Anyway, haven’t really been posting much cause I had to do catch-up to math. Which means two 3-hour assignments a day. And they’re HARD. But now that’s all over, … Continue reading

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