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The Pope’s Stone is a great book. (Giveaway)

The Pope’s Stone by Marc Kuhn is absolutely, mind-blowingly, brilliantly written. YOU GUYS SHOULD GO READ IT. Now, before I get too excited and dump a bunch of book praise on you, I’m supposed to provide information on The Pope’s … Continue reading

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Oh God please no, NOT THE LIBRARY!

*embarrassingly sneaks back onto blog* H-hey, guys! I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been! Right? No? Ehm . . . Anyway, one of the many reasons I haven’t posted in a while, thus breaking my vow to post at least … Continue reading

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Bun drop-off

Dropping off a bunny @ Bloomingdale library. Check the top shelf of the ‘Holds’ section. Happy bunny hunting! Plus the quote of the week is “Primrose Everdeen!”. Figure out who said it in which book. Go! Yes, this one is … Continue reading

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Quotes of the week

So here’s the quote of the week; “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!” Figure out who said that in which book by what author and you will win a sneak peek as to where the next bunny will be dropped and a special … Continue reading

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