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Costume Design in Comics Kinda Sucks Ass

Recently, comics have started to become popular again–Marvel is everywhere, DC is as well, and with the rising popularity of smaller comics like Lumberjanes and … other indie comics (can you tell I don’t read a lot of indie stuff), … Continue reading

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Oh look, it’s Single Awareness Day!

Happy Valentine’s day! Or Single Awareness Day. Whichever. But for me, it’s Time To Work Your Butt Off Because Of School Day. Which sucks. Guuuuuuh. And looky here! Gingerhaze (aka Noelle Stevenson) of NIMONA fame has kindly provided us with … Continue reading

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Yeah. You probably won’t get this if you haven’t read the book. Anyway, Johanna strips in an elevator after the parade-thingy, and Finnick’s stylist decided to dress him in practically nothing. Just a strategically knotted fishing net. But anyway, Katniss’s … Continue reading

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Do I –really– need a title?

Is it just me, or does Sunny look like a vampire? Anyway, haven’t really been posting much cause I had to do catch-up to math. Which means two 3-hour assignments a day. And they’re HARD. But now that’s all over, … Continue reading

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Of Twitter and boredom

So what do you think? Also, I’m pretty sure that some people from Twitter are reading this right now. Hello, @FoursMainFear and @sassyfox01! So, anyway, I’ve decided to put up another quote so people who hate THG can enter. And … Continue reading

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More random comics

So, I was bored and decided to entertain you guys with these comics! Take a look. You know, the more I think about these two, the sadder it seems to me. For Hawkeye, obviously, because being mind-controlled sucks and is … Continue reading

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On the Avengers

What do you think? I got this from here. From left to right: Black Widow (on top of Hulk), Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Captain America, security guard No. 1, security guard No. 2, Loki in a glass cage pressing his … Continue reading

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