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Don’t cry, Boston

First of all, let me just express my sympathy towards the Boston marathon runners and citizens that were affected by the bombs. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. None of you deserved this. Next, let me express my … Continue reading

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A Rant on Twilight and the bad messages it can send

Right. You should all probably know that I am an ex-fan of Twilight. Note the ex part. It was when I was 10. I wasn’t one of those ‘Twi-hards’ that got totally obsessed with Edward/Jacob/whoever else, I was just a … Continue reading

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Good news and bad news.

Lovelies, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that there have been problems behind the scenes of Lollipops and Rainbows. 30 Day Blogging Challenge posts I have made between the 16th and the 23rd have not … Continue reading

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30 Day Blogging Challenge ~Intro~

I will be doing the 30 day blogging challenge!I know, you’re probably thinking ‘Oh no. Koko’s gone crazy.’ I assure you, I am not crazy. I am insane. But I will finish this challenge if it kills me. Which it … Continue reading

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Enter title here. No, I don’t want to.

SORRY I have been neglecting you yet again. It’s the second time in a row that I have not posted the MiM tutorials. I promise I’ll post next week. BUT this time it is not due to my forgetful mind.  … Continue reading

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Stop the deletion of various stories!

I have heard that on Fanfiction.net the moderators have been deleting anything graphic, violent, inspired by a song, has parts of songs in them, the list is long and complicated. Among some of these is one that was my absolute … Continue reading

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