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the Sad Cephalopod

Originally posted on ea1701:
Weighed down, worn out. Too much stress, too much mundane, and far too many unanswered questions. Sometimes it just happens. Somehow you take a wrong turn and end up somewhere awful, dark and dreary. It wasn’t…

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Gardens and Brussels Sprouts

Originally posted on domestic diva, M.D.:
I wasn’t your average kid. Then again, you probably assumed that already. Unlike most kids my age, I love vegetables (except tomatoes, weirdly enough). My parents had a garden behind the garage, and…

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Things that are just generally really awesome.

This post is all about things I’ve found on the Internet recently that are just really freaking awesome. First off is this Swiss artist, Ursus Wehrli, who does amazing things. He takes everyday things and organizes them by color, size, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on rastelly:
When was the last time you stumbled onto an art exhibit and were allowed to steal something? Never? Doesn’t that just get you goat? Well here are some people who want to send you on an…

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Originally posted on tracy fulks:
Farmer’s Bread In 2001 I was living in Maryland, and had recently begun dating my future ex-husband. About five months into our relationship, his mother, Darriel, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. It had been just…

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Oh, look! River interviewed me!

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What. No. I do not have this stuff on my blog. Get away you creepers.

I read some posts about weird search terms that have brought people to some blogs on Musings From Neville’s Navel and Miriam Joy Writes. Therefore, I have decided to post about my own strange search terms that have brought people … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Second Lunch:
Here are a bunch more badges for you guys to try and unlock at work. Many of them were inspired by readers comments (linked). Good luck! Game of Thrones A management position has opened up…

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Originally posted on C-Cubed:
Koko here. So, the subject of this post is a Blavatar. River kindly threatened me at Mysterious item point asked me to create a Blavatar for the blog. Why? Because I did it for mine (after about…

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Originally posted on millieonherworld:
    Sorry this is a day late! The results of the giveaway are in 😀 The winner is:   themeepingkoala of Lollipops and Rainbows! Congratulations!! 😀 Thank you everyone who participated in my giveaway, you all…

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