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What affects an Animagus?

If a dog Animagus were to eat chocolate in his human form, then turn into his animal form, would he die? This was the question posed to me by a young Potterhead in my neighborhood who had spotted me rereading … Continue reading

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Remember the Final Battle at Hogwarts

Today, May 2nd, is the 15th anniversary of the Final Battle that ended the Second Wizarding War. On that day, many good wizards died. On that day, Hogwarts nearly fell. On that day, Voldemort was defeated. On that day, the … Continue reading

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30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: A vacation you would like to take. Ooh, this one’s not hard to think about at all! I want to go to . . . Or to be more specific . . .   The Wizarding World of … Continue reading

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Bow to my awesomeness.

Do it. Bow to my awesomeness. Bow. BOW NOW OR ELSE. Fine. Imperio. BOW TO MEEEEE–wait. How did you throw it off? GARGH I AM A FAILURE. Anyway, the sentences above give you a peek into my mind. You do … Continue reading

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