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Costume Design in Comics Kinda Sucks Ass

Recently, comics have started to become popular again–Marvel is everywhere, DC is as well, and with the rising popularity of smaller comics like Lumberjanes and … other indie comics (can you tell I don’t read a lot of indie stuff), … Continue reading

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On Canons and Headcanons

So a while ago, I got a comment on one of my Harry Potter metaposts basically questioning why I bothered to write meta at all, since actual HP canon couldn’t be changed because Rowling had already written it, and questioning … Continue reading

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Writing is hard.

Writing is very, very hard. Unless you’ve got a good prompt, of course. Recently, I was on Tumblr, scrolling through my dashboard. I saw a post that basically dared someone to write a fanfiction about another Tumblr user and the … Continue reading

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Yet more theories

I hoped you liked the previous theory/headcanon post. If  you did, here are some more. Today we will be continuing with Harry Potter, and stretching out into some pretty strange headcanons. I’d love it if you were to comment. So, … Continue reading

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New theme?

Should I change my theme? Every time I go to a post on this blog, it seems like the page is abnormally slow in loading and scrolling. Do any of you have this problem? I’d like you guys to vote … Continue reading

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Tumblr and Fandoms and Fictional Languages | CoA

So I’ve decided to call this ongoing series of posts the ‘Collection of Awesome’, CoA for short. The titles will be formatted somewhat like my Doctor Who: The Companions titles. Speaking of Doctor Who, I’ve got a post coming up … Continue reading

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A collection of awesome

So, readers, I’ve decided that I will be doing sometime every week called Collections. The posts will be weekly, around Friday or Saturday, and they will feature a list of things that I find awesome. This week is the very … Continue reading

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Rory Williams | Doctor Who: The Companions

Ehehe, I finally did it! This post kinda goes with Amy’s. It’s about Rory Arthur Williams, also known as the Boy Who Waited, Mr. Pond, and the Last/Lone Centurion.

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An assortment of Oddness

This post will contain an assortment of Oddness. You have been warned. Firstly, I was on Wordle the other day procrastinating attempting to be creative, and I started thinking about Doctor Who. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock … Continue reading

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The Name of the Doctor–What I think (aka Steven Moffat is smarter than you)

Warning: Spoilers ahead! SPOILERS AHEAD If you do not watch Doctor Who and do not want spoilers, do not read further. Close this tab. If you do watch Doctor Who, welcome fellow Whovian! As a certain archeologist would say, spoilers! … Continue reading

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