Thoughts on School

there is a girl at your school. you don’t know her that well, but you pass her every friday in the corridors. when she is with her sibling, they glitter, like a cold, rushing stream in italy under the hot july sun. when she is with her boyfriend, their love and laughter shine like stars, like comets weaving themselves through the universe. alone, she stands strong. she is a goddess, radiant and resplendent in her collection of necklaces and the brilliance of her smiles. she is a goddess, and you are humbled.

there is a person that goes to your school. you don’t get to talk to them all that often, but you pass them sometimes in the corridors. they are small (like you), they own the same type of glasses frames that you do, and they have the same shaved-head haircut that you do. you’ve seen them get misgendered before, same as you are. their mouth thins into a line and their eyes turn searing (you wonder if that is what you look like when it happens to you). but the biggest difference between the pair of you, is that they are entrancing, sometimes blindingly so. you’ve seen them talk about the things they like, and when they get caught up in their own heads, their words come fast, tripping over each other in their haste to be expressed, and their hands are flying, weaving stories like comets through the skies, and their eyes are blazing with fire and sparkling like galaxies that neither of you will ever have the privilege to see.

there is a person that goes to your school. you don’t get to talk to them often, but you do know this: they are gloriously, beautifully, absolutely brilliant. they hold swirling constellations that glitter and burn and are dazzlingly breathtaking. and you don’t know them too well, but you do know this: they won’t ever let anyone take their brilliance from them.

Just a few little drabbles on some awesome people I know. (In response to a thing on tumblr where people reblogged “describe me like an author would”) It got meta-y toward the end, but I think I like these pieces.

About Danny

I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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  1. This is super cool and really pretty! Lovely post!

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