Musings On Several Goddesses of the Greek Sort

Let’s talk about Persephone.
Let’s talk about a Persephone who takes Hades’ hand and goes with him willingly.
Let’s talk about a Persephone who loves the Underworld, who takes to Cerberus like a duck to water and leaves little flowers trailing behind as she walks, spots of brightness in a dark world.
Let’s talk about a Persephone who learns the twists and bends and eddies of the River Styx until she knows them better than the freckles on her arms and the crinkles in Hades’ brow when he smiles (yes, smiles.)
Let’s talk about a Persephone who takes the pomegranate in both hands and bites into it hungrily, relishes the drip of the cold, sweet juice as it gushes into her mouth and over her chin and down her hands.
Let’s talk about a Persephone who knew what she was doing if she went with Hades, if she ate the pomegranate. Let’s talk about a Persephone who knew all that and did it anyway.

Now, let’s not forget Hera.
Let’s not forget Hera, sister and wife of Zeus, jealous and fiery and never deserving to be called “good” or “benevolent” or “kind”, not really.
Let’s not forget Hera, Queen of the Gods and of Olympus, Hera who told Hercules to murder his family, Hera who cursed Echo to repeat her words for eternity, Hera who made Lamia crazy with grief, Hera who only wanted to be respected by her husband and her brother and her king.

We will not forget loyal Hestia, who tended the hearth like it was her own child.
Nor will we forget beautiful Aphrodite, whose jealousy could rival Hera’s own and whose beauty–Well. We know what her beauty could do.
Let us speak of Demeter, who only wanted to stay with her child.
Let us speak of Athena, who sprung from her father’s head fully formed and was a paragon of intelligence and of war.
Artemis, hunter and twin and really, she would be a raging feminist in 2015, wouldn’t she?
Nike, who brought Ares’ heaven and hell at once (but that is a story for another time).
Metis, who is only remembered as the fly that bore Athena in Zeus’s head.
Hecate, who is only mentioned by pagans and modern witches.
Eris, who loved chaos and strife and jealousy and flourished in the vitriol that lay between the other goddesses.

Let’s talk about the Greek Goddesses, jealous and brave and daring and terrifying and weak and powerful and petty and strong and loyal and unfaithful and quiet and raging and flawed. We will not do them the injustice of calling them perfect.
Let’s talk about the Greek Goddesses and how they were not perfect but broken and beautiful multifaceted walking disasters and how every flaw they carried made them so much more human than goddess in our eyes.


I’m not sure if this is poetry or meta tbh. But a few days ago, I was thinking about Greek mythology and just mythology in general. And I realized that one of the reasons why I loved Greek myths so much was that each god and goddess was inherently flawed, in an absolutely perfect way. Really, they were much more human than god or goddess to begin with, I think. And then somehow I got to thinking about Persephone. But not the Persephone that was stolen away into the Underworld, a Persephone who lept onto Hades’s chariot eagerly, who devoured that pomegranate as quickly as she could–basically twisting canon around. And somehow this happened.

Anyway. What was your favorite Greek goddess? (We’ll do gods some other time). Mine was Athena, I think.

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I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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8 Responses to Musings On Several Goddesses of the Greek Sort

  1. nevillegirl says:

    LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR WRITING BECAUSE I FREAKING LOVE THIS POST. 😀 It has so many of my favorite things…
    -Awesome ladies 😀
    -Greek mythology
    -Modern AUs

    Omg, I’m competing in this academic bowl in a few weeks and this year’s theme is ancient Rome so I’ve just been very fangirly about mythology and whatnot lately. 😀 So I love all of this, but especially the Persephone bits. ❤ And my favorite goddesses are… both Athena and Artemis. 😀

    • Danny says:

      That reminds me, have you seen the modern AU Greek god/goddesses tumblr? They’ve posted like tons and tons of modern AU gods and goddesses and variations thereof, and they’re all from Greek mythology, and they’re all absolutely beautiful like, even in a Tumblr user-made work, I was really really surprised at all the representation they snuck in. Like. Damn son.

      Flawed characters are the best, aren’t they? Some people think what makes a perfect character is its perfection, but the flaws and moral greys and breaks that make up a character are what really perfect them, I think. And then there’s that post that goes like “your characters are like geodes. if you want to see what they’re made of, you must break them.” that is like the best writing advice ever.

      Ooh, good luck! We’re reading a Greek tragedy called Antigone in English rn, and we’ll be presenting monologues from Julius Caesar after spring break. Only thing is, we have to wear togas. The whole damn day. And guess what period my English conveniently is? 8th. I have to wear a toga the whole day–the teachers are checking with each other to make sure all the sophomores are wearing togas the whole time, bc else we’ll get like 10 points off our presentations or smth.

      Yeah, the Persephone bits are my fave too. Athena was always one of my favorites, and Artemis was pretty cool, but one of the first Artemis myths I read was the one where one of her huntresses (is that right?) was raped by a guy so she wasn’t technically a virgin anymore, but Artemis counted it anyway and turned her into a deer as punishment. So. That kinda put a damper on everything. (slightly relevant tho: I might be starting archery lessons)

    • nevillegirl says:

      No, I haven’t, but it sounds awesome. 😀

      Yeahhhhh… little!Engie was always like “omg this character is literally perfect they have no flaws whatsoever yay” and now I’m just like wait what. Why did that even interest me. Speaking of which, IDK if I’ve already recommended it to you, but you NEED to read the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy. OH MY GOSH EVERYONE IS SOOOOOOOO EFFING FLAWED. Good guys go bad, and vice versa, and one of the most important supporting characters is constantly switching from good to bad as it suits her purposes and omg it’s gr9. Try it.

      Yep, I read Antigone for school… a few years ago, but I can’t remember whether it was freshman or sophomore year. *boops ur nose* Aw, I’m sure you’ll look cute in a toga. I demand pics or it didn’t happen. 😛

      *frowns* That seems rather un-Artemis-like. You’d think she’d have turned the dude into a stag and, like, shot him with a bow and arrow. *makes W sign with fingers* Whatever.

      • Danny says:

        It’s here and you should deffff go check it out, I promise it’s worth it.

        Time to confess, I had a Twilight phase. It lasted until the third book. But yeah, I used to adore perfect Sues and now it’s just like ??? what prompted this hell. I shall put it on my list, lol.

        I don’t wanna wear a toga eughghghghghghg. But if I do, my friends and I have agreed that ‘I will wear a purple one because I’m better than them and they will wear brown ones bc they are peasants.’ Don’t question it. Also I might borrow my little sister’s laurel headband-thingy. It will be interesting. (Fine, fine. I stg you prob have enough to blackmail me at this point lol)

        Right? It’s really ooc. If a Greek myth can be ooc.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Thank. 🙂

      PFFFFT. Are you, like, Greek royalty or something? xD Nice.
      (…can I blackmail into writing you-know-which-Cap-fic any sooner? 😛 Also, speaking of Cap, maybe I should try this kind of post on my own blog. I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT STEVE ROGERS OK. BISEXUAL STEVE AND STEVE-WHO-APPRECIATES-ALL-THIS-MODERN-TECHNOLOGY-BUT-STILL-FINDS-IT-OVERWHELMING because there’s so much of it and all of a sudden he has to catch up on like 70 years of history what even. And I have a lot of feels about Peggy Carter, too. My cute little bi badass. ❤ ❤ Andandand… I'd better stop now, but I have a lot of meta-y thoughts about superheroes. And Remus Lupin.)

      • Danny says:

        Yes yes I am.
        Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. Actually, I have a project for my creative writing class that’s hell: the rough draft’s due next Friday and I’m supposed to do three short stories but I just started the second one today. Yeah. I’m so screwed. I’ll try to start the drabble over spring break though, if I can.
        Yes yes yes you should do it pleaseeeee oh my god yes. Give me all your meta-y feels.

    • nevillegirl says:

      *bows down to u*

      *sends you hugs and encouragement* YOU CAN WRITE THE THING I KNOW YOU CAN.

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