Be My (Hella Late) Valentine

So the wonderful Engie @ Musings From Neville’s Navel tagged me in a Valentine’s Day thingy and I didn’t see it until yesterday. I am trash. But even though I’m really not sure this even still counts, I’ll do it anyway. There’s another post I’m working on about BGMs, part two, but in the meantime let’s do this hella late Valentine’s post, shall we?

Who is your favorite couple in a book?

My first question: does fanfiction count? My second question: do comics count?

Nah, jk jk (not really). But I’d probably say (if we’re sticking to canon) Remus/Tonks. I’ve been on a Marauder-era kick lately and usually I’d say Remus/Sirius but since you insist on making me stick to canon 😛 But if we were including comics in this, I’d prob include Teddy/Billy and/or Kate/America (come on, you can see it.) from Young Avengers. The sheer queerness of Young Avengers is like heaven for me.

Which book character would you take to dinner if you could?

Uh. Damn. I really don’t know. Why must you ask me such hard questions? Can I say Margaery Tyrell because Nat Dormer and leave it at that?

Like have you seen her? Damn son. Also because I feel like Margaery would actually have a lot to say on stuff like the inherent sexism in a monarchial government like Westeros’s and how it is totally not fair that she, being born female, is reduced to essentially a pretty piece of property being traded off to kings in return for a bit of power.

Also how does she deal with Cersei and Joffrey because I really need to figure out how she deals with all that toxic shit and apply it to my life.

And, y’know, also because this gif:

She is hot af and I am thirsty and gay af and not worthy.

Villains deserve a little love, too. Which villain would you give a box of chocolates to?

Draco Malfoy, weird as it seems, because that boy needs some non-abusive, non-toxic people in his life.

Be a matchmaker; pick two characters from different books and pair them up.

I feel like Kaladin from The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (which is a really awesome book, btw, you should read it) and Harry (as in Potter) would really get along? But in a platonic, no-romo way. They’re both forced into multiple situations that they don’t want to be in, they’ve both had to deal with the weight of the world for something that they can’t control… Yeah, I guess. Kal and Harry.

What book setting would you like to visit while on a date?

Diagon Alley Diagon Alley Diagon motherfucking Alley. Which is actually sort of possible IRL. Someone should take me to Universal on a date. Hell yeah.

No but really, Diagon would be the best place to go on a date.

It’s not all about romance. What’s your favorite non-romantic relationship in a novel?

Currently, Kaladin and Shallan in the Stormlight Archive series. They snark at each other and kinda have that weird insulty mutual mocking sort of attitude about each other that only true best friends get. But with friendship.

Venturing out of the book sphere for a bit: What song makes you feel loved?

That’s a hard question. I could tell you about which songs make me feel pumped and happy, which songs make me feel like everything’ll be alright, but I can’t really recall a song that makes me feel loved. Queer 8track playlists, though. Those are hella.

Now for the most important question of all: What is your favorite shade of red?

A rich crimson, like think Thor’s cape.

There’s something about slightly dark rich red that I just love. I couldn’t tell you why.

Favorite couple ever? You want to have their relationship.

Skdhagkdsgajga none of them are canon though. Wait. Wait. Some of them are canon. Can I just list a few?

They’re hella cute. Like omfg. Babies. And they’d die for each other and Cecil will do literally anything for Carlos (if you listen to it, you know what I mean.) And like just. That level of dedication

Can I have this? Please? They’re the most adorable fucking losers on earth. Also Carmilla wears leather pants and corsets and it is really really hot. (tbh I don’t know whether I’d be Laura or Carmilla but either way I’d  l o v e  it)


  • Newt/Hermann (it’s canon if you squint)
  • Steve/Sam (they were flirting okay)
  • Sansa/Margaery (queerplatonic relationship you can see it don’t lie)

Engie why must you cause me such pain.

Relationship that never happened? You wanted them to get together, but they never did.

Ginny/Luna tbh. Like their friendship was the cutest thing ever. Also a multitude of other ships.

Your bookish crush?

Everyone. No but I used to have a huge crush on Fred and George. I don’t really have a current crush on anyone though.

Favorite “feel good” romance?

Laura/Carmilla. Their whole entire relationship is like sheer fluff with a side helping of oh my god she’s so sexy. Also Annabeth/Percy is always adorable.

Favorite genre to add romance to?

Idk man, it usually depends on whether the romance arc will be relevant at all, or if it’s just there because why not. Like as long as it’s not forced and unnecessary, I’m generally cool with it, but for longer epics I usually prefer gen stuff.


Like I said, I’m not sure if this still counts a week and a half later, but screw it, I’m tagging:

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