2014 kinda sucked––but it was good at the same time

So 2014 was … eventful, to say the least. Hopefully, we all know about the Mike Brown case, resulting bullshit verdict, and the still-ongoing protesting (which I 110% support btw). There were also the Hong Kong protests, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the Leelah Alcorn suicide, the cases of Eric Gardner and Tamir Rice, Jennifer Laude’s murder, the kidnapping of 300 girls in Nigeria who are still missing, the Taliban attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, and a fuckton of a lot more. But hey, there was a lot of positive stuff happening too. 21 states in the US got equal marriage rights, 5 other states’ appeals are pending, representation of POC and LGBTQ+ people in the media has gotten a bit better… Personally, 2014 was a very mixed year for me. On one hand:

  • I cut my hair

It went from this


to this

oh look other crappy webcam selfie

oh look other crappy webcam selfie from December

and I really really like it tbh.

  • I got much gayer
  • one of my sugar gliders had twins and is pregnant with another one oh god
here is one of the twin babies

here is one of the twin babies

  • Florida’s getting same-sex marriage on Jan. 5th and I am so. Happy. (to all of you newbies, I live in FL and this will be a very happy day)
  • my drawing improved a lottt (it’s still terrible though)
  • my writing also improved a lot (I am ridiculously happy about this)
  • I read a grand total of 46,419,341 words this year. At least, that’s everything I’ve managed to log.
  • I came out to a lot of people about my sexuality and mostly everyone’s chill about it
  • I came out to less people about my gender and less mostly everyone’s chill about it
  • I learned how to wirework, sort of:
I'm irrationally proud about the bigger ring tbh

I’m irrationally proud about the bigger ring tbh

my brother, modeling two other rings I made

my brother, modeling two other rings I made

  • my best friend and I went to Metrocon and it was great:

I swear I look better irl (I’m Hiccup [HTTYD] and she was Jack Frost [RoTG] in case you didn’t know)

  • my family got annual passes for the Universal Studios park in Orlando and it is awesome
  • I finished NaNoWriMo with 630 words over my goal
  • my poetry got a hell of a lot more powerful
  • I joined my school’s GSA and man is it great
  • I met a ton of wonderful people and learned more about a lot others
  • I made these dragonscale gloves for the wonderful Andy:

trans pride ftw yo

  • I dated my first girlfriend (she dumped me but it was a fun few months)
  • Engie got me into Game of Thrones and it is wonderful
  • I became much less of a terrified gay baby than I was at the beginning of this year
  • I’m a QTPOC and, for the first time, I’m beginning to feel proud of it.

On the other hand:

  • I found out after a loud, semipublic argument that my dad is a racist, generally xenophobic person
  • the Leelah Alcorn thing hit me hard tbh, and it’s because I can see similarities between us
  • after extensive deliberation I have concluded that my parents will probably not take my coming out well at all and have decided that I’m going to wait. Forever.
  • a suicidal friend of mine disappeared for almost 2 weeks and fuck it was worrying
  • I suspect I failed my geometry EOC (god that EOC was hard)
  • I failed to acquire any glittery Lush bath bombs
  • I got yelled at a lot whoops
  • my anxiety became very not fun
  • something happened between me and my best friend that shouldn’t’ve happened and I’m kinda worried about it

There were a lot of ups and downs, and both were pretty extreme in some cases. I’m kinda scared to see what this year’s got in store. But (and this is really stupid but) idk man this song summarizes my feelings about 2015.

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I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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5 Responses to 2014 kinda sucked––but it was good at the same time

  1. River says:

    Ohmigosh, I forgot how long your hair used to be! Looks good short :two_hearts:
    Also, those gloves. So awesome. Did you use crocodile stitch? How difficult were they?

    I’m sorry that 2014 was such a mixed bag, with all the horrible events (both in the news and in your life). But it sounds like there was some good too! And I hope 2015 will have more joy and less pain than last year.

    • Danny says:

      Thanks ❤ Tbh I'm thinking of getting an undercut on one side, but mom won't let me. Yet. We shall see.
      Thank youuuuu c: Yeah, the scales are crocodile stitch. The pattern itself is written a little…weird, and you might have to do some improv on it yourself, but overall it was pretty easy, and repetitive enough that I was able to marathon The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones while finishing them up. You should try making a pair, yo.

      Hopefully, yeah. Fingers crossed, huh? (and prob duct taped together just to be sure but)

      • River says:

        Any bets on how long it will take?

        Maybe I should! In black. With silver edging. And it’ll use up some stash yarn, so double win!

        Hmm, does duct tape have inherent luck-maximizing properties, or is it just to keep the luck from escaping in the first place?

        • Danny says:

          Too. Long. (there were recent developments on this, yesterday; I’ll tell you if you’re gonna come to Giveback this month)

          Dude, that’d look awesomeee. Do it do the thing.

          It’s just there, but sure lol.

        • River says:

          Yep, I’ll be there!

          Yes I wiiiilllll. . . as soon as I finish my five gazillion other projects. So soon. -ish.

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