Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013 – Cosplay Gallery Roundup

I couldn’t go to Comic Con, as usual. Bah.


Just like last year I didn’t make to San Diego Comic-Con. I did however find a lot of cosplay photos online, so I decided to post a gallery roundup again. Hopefully someday I’ll be posting photos I’ve taken myself.

Also, don’t miss this well written article about Cosplay that was posted at the LA Times: Comic-Con cosplay: Costumed role-players become temporary superstars I’m going to direct my friends and family to this the next time I get the quizzical “Huh!?” when I try to explain cosplay to them.

A big thank you to each and every photographer. All of us stuck at home really appreciate it.

Check back often as I’ll add to the listed as more SDCC 2013 cosplay photos and videos continue to show up on the interwebs.

First off, here’s a couple of fun cosplay videos from Agressive Comics and Sneaky Zebra

Here’s all of…

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7 Responses to Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013 – Cosplay Gallery Roundup

  1. rastelly says:

    The biggest renaissance fair in the country is held in Houston Texas deep in the forest.
    I am a junkie! Cos-players in the fantasy genera invade – and are deadly serious about
    their costumes. Every shopkeeper is also a character – role playing even as they buy
    and sell. The theme is confined to the medieval though –

    How wonderful to combine all these characters in one place – and trying to name all of
    them! I wonder if some of them are creations of the fans – they must practice their moves
    when no one is looking –

    I’m trying to perfect my own character – a generic dragon – for the upcoming ren – fair,
    I learned how to make a really cool mask – the instructions are on my blog if you are
    interested. Thanks for all the yarn tips. 😀

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