Freebie Friday! The Hidden Pocket Tote


Sew Desu Ne?

This one is so simple, but just making it just made me so happy 😀 For one, it used up a lot of scraps that I had been keeping around for far too long. This seafoam green faux suede in particular – I bought it to test out making some gloves way back in high school! I bought way too much so I’ve been using up the scraps ever since. And now it’s finally gone! The other thing I love is the little hidden pocket feature on the front of the tote – the entire center panel of printed fabric you see is actually one large pocket that’s accessed from a clean little opening on the side. It’s made using a very simple method, but I just love how sharp it looks so it always makes me smile.

And lastly as I was using up my scraps to put the…

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4 Responses to Freebie Friday! The Hidden Pocket Tote

  1. The Cogaroo says:

    This comment is going to seem kind of random, but here we go anyway. One time you posted a Hunger Games tribute apology letter, and I’ve been searching your blog attempting to find it again. (At least, I THINK it was on your blog. Perhaps I’m going crazy.) It went something like this:

    Dear Thresh, I am sorry if my action of killing you seemed rude. I was merely trying to win the games. I would appreciate it if you told your district to sponsor me. Sincerely, Cato.

    Could you perhaps send me the link if at all possible? Thank you very much. 😉

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