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Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013 – Cosplay Gallery Roundup

I couldn’t go to Comic Con, as usual. Bah.

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Don’t throw out that old umbrella, transform it!!

Originally posted on DaniellaJoe's Blog:
Don’t throw out that old umbrella, transform it!! I wonder if we can go through the city dump and retrieve old umbrellas (figuratively speaking) strip them and crochet a brand new one and sell…

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Freebie Friday! The Hidden Pocket Tote

Originally posted on Choly Knight:
This one is so simple, but just making it just made me so happy 😀 For one, it used up a lot of scraps that I had been keeping around for far too long. This…

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Surgery and Jello

This is probably the weirdest title I’ve written so far. Surgery and Jello, two completely unrelated things–or are they? Two weeks ago, I got pyogenic granuloma on my face. It’s a little bump (kinda like a pimple) that spontaneously decides … Continue reading

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What affects an Animagus?

If a dog Animagus were to eat chocolate in his human form, then turn into his animal form, would he die? This was the question posed to me by a young Potterhead in my neighborhood who had spotted me rereading … Continue reading

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A Salute to Captain America and That Singing Pirate From Spongebob

AYE AYE CAPTAIN! AYE AYE CAPTAIN! CAP-TAIN ROG-ERS! CAP-TAIN ROG-ERS! CAP-TAIN ROG-ERS! *tour guide voice* This has been a salute to Captain America and that singing pirate from Spongebob Squarepant’s opening theme.

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I missed July 4th

(I. Missed. July. 4th. I had this whole post planned, with gifs and all, and then I forgot to post it. It was all written up and ready to be published, but we went out for the day and I … Continue reading

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