Freebie Friday! The Pleated Patch Purse

Pretty… River, look!

Sew Desu Ne?

I was in the mood to make another dainty-looking purse again ^w^ This time I made use of some tiny scraps such for the corner patches, while the top section is made from the last bit of faux suede paisley that I’ve had since high school! I used it to make a long jacket initially, and I’ve been using the leftovers for other little crafts ever since. I’m kind of a sucker for putting together purple and gray, so the rest of the details for this purse just came together from there. I wanted something that looked a little feminine but also classy :B


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1 Response to Freebie Friday! The Pleated Patch Purse

  1. River says:

    Looking. . . I’m amazed that CholyKnight can do a pattern/project/tutorial a week. This week’s really is pretty! Are you going to make one?

    (Sorry for the late late late reply. . . I’ve been offline for a while *le gasp*)

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