Ah, so WordPress has changed their layout again. I..don’t like it. Ah, well. I suppose I’ll get used to it. I’ve got some announcements to make: First, the CoA series will be put on hold because I have commitment issues don’t feel like posting on a schedule. I like randomly putting up ideas for you guys to suffer through. Sorry, though. Second, I am moving! Which also means that I might not be able to post soon, because it is possible that the Internet will not hook up and I will be forced to resort to *shudder* library keyboards.

I’ve got some theories (or, if you know fandom-speak, headcanons) about several things I like. You might find them plausible, totally untrue, or completely true yes yes Koko has a brilliant mind yes. (Koko hopes for the latter)
1. Harry Potter

I’ve always found it strange that the wizarding world seems to have no interest in the Muggles. Even Arthur Weasley, who can modify a car enough to make it fly, can’t say electricity. Wizards are just so simple. It’s weird, really. I bet you could spot a wizard in a crowd of Muggles. Just look for terrible fashion sense, weird phrases/words, and sticks. And the wizarding world is just so cut-off from the Muggle side. One would think that someone would be interested in the Muggle advancements and technology, but no, just mention the word “Muggle” and your audience disappears. I wonder what the Muggle Studies class curriculum looks like. They probably think that we’re still driving carriages, not typing on contraptions that can send messages around the world in the blink of an eye. The bigotry just really gets to me sometimes.

And that reminds me: Has JK prejudiced us all against Slytherin? If you look, really look at the Potter series, you can find an underlying hate for Slytherins. Here’s a (hopefully realistic) example:

  • The situation: Harry passes a student in a Hogwarts corridor.
  • If it’s a Hufflepuff, they’ll act neutral toward him, probably smile or act a bit shy because ‘Oh, it’s the Boy-Who-Lived!’
  • Ravenclaws will most probably have the same reaction as the Hufflepuffs.
  • Gryffindors may smile at him, act friendly, maybe toss a ‘Hey there, Harry’ in his direction.
  • Slytherins will most likely boo, hiss, act unkind, jeer, frown, smirk, and/or sneer at him.

You will find this in the Potter books. If Harry were to pass a student who smiles at him, it’s always one of the ‘Light’ Houses (a Gryff, a Puff, or a Claw), never a Slytherin. Rowling has painted the Slytherins as a slimy gang of Death-Eater douchebags, and we look at them that way, because we look at Slytherins from Harry’s perspective.

We know that there are differences in every House. Take a look below:

Pottermore Hogwarts crests transparentGryffindor

  • Remember how Neville was in first year? A shy, shivering, mess just waiting to be bullied. Proof that not all Gryffindors are brave and strong from the start.
  • Peter Pettigrew, the turncoat.
  • Hermione was smart, she was loyal, and she was ambitious. Smart–she could definitely fit in with the Claws. Loyal–The Horcrux Hunt and sticking with Harry through all the crap that boy went through. Ambitious–S.P.E.W. was definitely very ambitious. She knew what she was getting into, and she still tried to change the mindset of every bigoted, probably Pureblood family who owned a house-elf.
  • Fred and George had to be pretty smart, they wouldn’t have succeeded with WWW otherwise.


  • Remember that time when a random Puff figured out how Sirius got into Gryffindor Tower? I think it was something like this–'”Probably disguised himself,” said a passing Hufflepuff.’ And he did disguise himself, but as a Grim-like dog.
  • Cedric Diggory was brave, smart, and clever enough to have been selected by the Cup. He only proved this when he used Transfiguration in the First Task, a Bubblehead Charm in the Second, and made it to the Cup in the Third. Cedric Diggory, guys. Cedric Diggory.
  • Nymphadora Tonks was a member of the Order of the Flaming Chicken Phoenix. She was brave enough to fight by her husband’s side in the Battle of Hogwarts, certainly a Gryffindor trait. And really, do I need to say more? Tonks is awesome.


  • F*CKING LUNA LOVEGOOD, GUYS. LUNA LOVEGOOD. She braved the Department of Mysteries, put up with six (that we know of) years of constant bullying from her own House, and most likely withstood torture at the hands of Death Eaters. Well, you didn’t think she was in Malfoy Manor because she wanted to be trapped in the dugeons, did you?
  • Gilderoy Lockhart was a member of Ravenclaw, and my God, he was thick! He was an incompetent, lying fraud. Oh, he sounds like a Slytherin to you? That’s just more of that bias you have.
  • Also, Quirrel was a Ravenclaw. Another Slytherin, you say? THAT’S BIAS.


  • Harry said Severus Snape was the bravest man he ever knew. And I do think that boy was right, in this case. Severus Snape braved 7 years of constant bullying from his peers, was looked down upon by Purebloods because he was a half-blood, was tortured by Death Eaters and Voldemort himself, suffered years of hate from the very students he taught, was nearly killed because of the plot of one 16-year-old, and was eventually killed by the Great Snakeface Voldy himself. He was brave, loyal, and certainly very smart.
  • Merlin was a Slytherin.
  • Sirius was a Gryffindor, but he came from a very long line of Slytherins and I think he turned out fine.
  • R.A.B. Regulus Arcturus Black. He was brave enough to defy the Dark Lord at the peak of his power, smart enough to know what he had was a Horcrux, therefore an item of utter evil, and generally pretty bad-ass. I think that if he had grown up in a different world, he would have been a Gryffindor. I mean come on, you don’t honestly think that every single Black got into Slytherin just because they were a Black? I bet some of them (including dear Reggie) had to argue with the Hat over their Sorting.

So now you see that every House is different. Why is it, then, that we all think of Slytherins as evil, slimy little sh*ts? And don’t give me that crap about Draco, he’s just misunderstood and bad-mannered. *snicker* But Draco doesn’t really count, he’s only one person. But yeah, think about that. I’d really appreciate it if you were to comment, I’d really like to know your opinions and thoughts on this.

Now, since this post is getting a teeny bit wordy, I’ll stop here. But I’ve still got theories for you, so check back soon, yeah?

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