Tumblr and Fandoms and Fictional Languages | CoA

So I’ve decided to call this ongoing series of posts the ‘Collection of Awesome’, CoA for short. The titles will be formatted somewhat like my Doctor Who: The Companions titles. Speaking of Doctor Who, I’ve got a post coming up with more good/bad news from the BBC.

But anyway, moving on.

ALook at the precious little babies. Just. Look.


XD I, for one, like this sign. I might use it as a writing prompt for some fanfiction. Maybe Johnlock. Or Destiel. Or Harkness/Steve Rogers. Or Potter/Stark. I dunno.


I must do this. Yes. I will do this.


I’m sure that if you’re a Tumblr user/visitor, you’ve seen this anti-abortion sign at least once. But here, we see arguments against the Potter theory on the woman’s poster. For one, Neville would be the Chosen One, and would have the ability to stop Voldemort. And yes, Lily would have never wanted an abortion for those reasons we see in the post. And I personally think that if Merope had had access to an abortion, she would take it. And Voldemort wouldn’t exist and we’d all be happy.

dwarvish must learn

Ever wanted to learn Tolkien Dwarvish? I found an alphabet for you. I’m working on memorizing this alphabet myself this summer.

Enochian alphabet

Oh look, Enochian! Cool! Now I get three languages to memorize this year! I’m working on Enochian, Tolkien Dwarvish, and Circular Gallifreyan. I wanted to try Tolkien Elvish, but it’s too complicated. If you want to learn Elvish anyway, here’s a very useful reference post for you.

And that’s all for today. This blog won’t be active for the next week or so, because it’s finals week for me and I have a crapton of stuff to finish up.

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I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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