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Freebie Friday! The Pleated Patch Purse

Originally posted on Choly Knight:
I was in the mood to make another dainty-looking purse again ^w^ This time I made use of some tiny scraps such for the corner patches, while the top section is made from the last…

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Around the World RIGHT NOW

America: Texas abortion bill failed, but blacks and other minority groups may not be able to f**king vote Zimbabwe: Their prime minister is in Singapore having health checks a month before their election India: Floods with way too many people dead and widespread … Continue reading

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Yet more theories

I hoped you liked the previous theory/headcanon post. If  you did, here are some more. Today we will be continuing with Harry Potter, and stretching out into some pretty strange headcanons. I’d love it if you were to comment. So, … Continue reading

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Ah, so WordPress has changed their layout again. I..don’t like it. Ah, well. I suppose I’ll get used to it. I’ve got some announcements to make: First, the CoA series will be put on hold because I have commitment issues … Continue reading

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Freebie Friday! The 20,000 Leagues Journal

Originally posted on Choly Knight:
Probably even more obscure than some of the other nerdy holidays I’ve been celebrating, today is International Steampunk Day! I can’t seem to find why today in particular is Steampunk Day, as some have claimed…

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Oh, look! Progress!

Guess what, guys! I finally got the computer to myself, which means a post! A real actual post! *claps wildly* Now, I’ve been busy in the last few weeks. What with finishing up school last week, as well as extracurricular … Continue reading

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Blue Eyes, Bubble Gum (Short Story + Amigurumi Pattern)

Originally posted on ea1701:
I stood there with my eyes locked on my opponent. He simply sat there, with no readable expression. Even after our epic battle. there seemed to be a cool vibe emanating from every inch of him.…

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the Sad Cephalopod

Originally posted on ea1701:
Weighed down, worn out. Too much stress, too much mundane, and far too many unanswered questions. Sometimes it just happens. Somehow you take a wrong turn and end up somewhere awful, dark and dreary. It wasn’t…

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New theme?

Should I change my theme? Every time I go to a post on this blog, it seems like the page is abnormally slow in loading and scrolling. Do any of you have this problem? I’d like you guys to vote … Continue reading

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Tumblr and Fandoms and Fictional Languages | CoA

So I’ve decided to call this ongoing series of posts the ‘Collection of Awesome’, CoA for short. The titles will be formatted somewhat like my Doctor Who: The Companions titles. Speaking of Doctor Who, I’ve got a post coming up … Continue reading

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