A collection of awesome

So, readers, I’ve decided that I will be doing sometime every week called Collections. The posts will be weekly, around Friday or Saturday, and they will feature a list of things that I find awesome. This week is the very first post. So, without further ado, let us explore the awesome!

See this pretty yarn?

This yarn was dyed with Easter egg dye tablets. Have you ever opened up one of those egg dyeing kits and seen those colorful blocks of awesome? Kathryn used leftover tablets and some yarn, and got this beautiful colorful mass of I want it gimmeeeee. Here’s the tutorial, you should definitely check it out. Also, she’s got some nice free patterns and tutorials here (credit: Kathryn Ivy).

I present to you, knitted octopi!

Oh look, a knitted octopus wearing a top hat and knitting!

Isn’t this brilliant? These are two projects made with this pattern (credit: Max Alexander). Get it from the aforementioned site OR on Ravelry. I think I might try making this, once I master the art of dpns. (Dpns are double pointed knitting needles, in case you didn’t know)

Ooh, pretty!

This scarf is wonderfully knitted, don’t you think? It is a free pattern (YAY) but you have to download it from Ravelry. Happily, Ravelry is totally free to register for, so you just need 5 minutes to fill out a bit about yourself and you’re off! I might try this someday. Currently, I am a bit intimidated by knitted lace. Pattern here! (credit: Samantha Edgerly)

Cute, right? The pattern for both the milk and cookie are on Knitted Toy Box, and the pattern for the heart is from the wonderful Mochimochi Land. I’ve already made myself one of these adorable hearts and it’s observing me type right now. Pictures to come as soon as I charge the camera. I think I’ll knit up some cookies for my little brother to play with. He’s got a tribe of plushies and they all like to cook together. In the meantime, perhaps you might like to knit up one of these adorbs cookies and milk for yourself!

And that’s it for this post, I think. Yes, I do realize this post was full of knitting, but I’ll bring other stuff next time!

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I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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3 Responses to A collection of awesome

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Oh, they are so cute! As you know, I don’t have any knowledge in knitting so I am really amazed to read how you are into this hobby and craft

  2. Tara says:

    They are adorable! I’m so in awe of people who can knit. I got a kit for Christmas once, but I failed miserably. I never managed to add any new stitches. Sigh.


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