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Spoilers! This post is about New Who’s seasons 5, 6, and the first half of 7. Today’s post will feature the tall, Scottish ginger we all know as Amelia Pond! Also, just a heads-up, those of you who are on Tumblr might want to avoid any fandom blogs for the next week or so. Supernatural’s season finale was aired yesterday and the fandom’s imploding. And Who’s season finale is this Saturday. No, it’s not a good idea to go on Tumblr any time soon.


Ah yes, Amelia Jessica Williams nee Pond. Where should I start? From the beginning, like time, I suppose. Without the Doctor and the TARDIS, time passes slowly… in the right order… With the Doctor, it’s all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

I’m just gonna go with the number list format again.

Little Amelia and the Doctor enjoying ice cream and fish custard.

  1. She met the Doctor when he was a kid and put up with his strangeness. You probably know by now that after a Time Lord regenerates, everything feels wrong for some time. The Doctor ‘had a craving’ and rejected Amelia’s apples, yogurt, beans, bacon, and bread-and-butter before he took the situation into his own hands and found himself some fish fingers and custard, which he promptly dubbed ‘fish custard’. Throughout all of this, Amelia didn’t once freak out. And besides, the scene is really funny. It’s the first but of The Eleventh Hour, if you want to go check for it on Youtube.
  2. She saved a Star Whale. A fricking Star Whale. While the Doctor was stressing over killing

    Also the Star Whale is adorable.

    the Star Whale’s brain and essentially making it a living vegetable OR detaching the ship from the Star Whale and killing thousands of people, Amy noticed one little detail that everyone else missed and consequentially saved the last living Star Whale. YEAH GO AMY

  3. She would die for Rory. In the dream world created by the Dream Lord after Rory’s death, she and the Doctor commit suicide because she decides that she cannot live without Rory. She had no idea that the dream world wasn’t real, and she knew that there was a 50/50 chance she could die. She didn’t care. And that is a brave, brave thing to do.
  4. She nearly succeeded in creating a peace treaty with the Silurians. In The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood it was up to her and Nasreen to come up with a treaty, and they were succeeding before Nasreen had to go and ruin it all.
  5. She gave hope to the greatest painter who ever lived. And they would have had the ultimate ginger babies too. Even though Vincent still committed suicide in the end, that episode was heart-wrenching and sweet and sad and everything was awesome and YES OK I LOVE THE IDEA OF VINCENT/AMY
  6. She rebooted the universe in The Big Bang, and she brought the Doctor back, too. I dunno about you, but to me, that takes quite a lot of… well, everything, to pull off.
  7. She’s the Girl Who Waited. I’m not referring to the fact that she waited 12 years for the Doctor (and shame on you, Doc, for your horrible sense of time), I’m referring to the episode when she is trapped on Apalapucia in a different timestream. She waited so long for the Doctor and Rory. Eventually, she lost hope in the Doctor, but she never forgot Rory. She named her Handbot after him, for God’s sake. She accepted that her timeline would be erased, and eventually went out with a bang.
  8. Asylum of the Daleks is when we get a glimpse into Rory and Amy’s deteriorating marriage. The root of the problem is that the Silence did something to Amy at Demon’s Run, rendering her infertile. She wants to give Rory children, but she physically can’t and she hates herself for that. So, she gives him up. She wants him so, so badly, but she gives him up. And damn, does that take a lot of heart to do.

And that’s why I love Amy Pond. *takes a bow* Come back tomorrow for Rory’s post! If you liked this post, go check out my other ones!

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