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Updated June 28, 2014: Ok, so I’m going through my archive and rereading my old writing and everything in 2013 seems to have been pretty alright… And then we arrive at this post. What was I thinking. 2013-me absolutely hated Rose for pretty much no reason at all. In the present, I adore Rose Tyler, and I have no idea why I basically wrote an entire rant based on hating on her character. Ugh.

I’d love to delete this post, but I think I’ll keep it up. Not because I agree with the views I expressed in this post (because they are wildly inaccurate) but because I think it’d be useful to have a record of my old writing. Especially one this bad. So in the future when I’m at (another) low point about my writing, I can look back and reread this post and think “Hey, at least it isn’t as bad as this was, right?”

Spoilers for Doctor Who. Sorry, River, but you might want to avoid my blog for the next week. Especially Saturday and Sunday, because I’ll probably be imploding over the series finale. Right. Moving on.

This post will be mainly about the companion we all know as Rose Tyler–and my intense dislike for her.

Me no likey.

Also, this week leading up to the season finale on Saturday will be entirely dedicated to the companions of New Who. Those who are not Whovians, duck and cover.

Why do I hate Rose Tyler? How can I hate Rose Tyler? She’s so nice and sweet and perfect and-

No. Just no.

Rose Tyler is the worst companion that New Who has ever seen, in my opinion. She’s a terrible person.

At the beginning of the episode Rose, we see Rose at her perfectly normal job and her perfectly normal life. And then the Doctor comes along and sweeps her away. This would be fine, except for what she does to Mickey, her boyfriend. When he’s kidnapped she spends nearly the whole episode whining and crying about how she thinks he’s dead, which is what you’d expect from his girlfriend. Except when she sees that he’s alive, she doesn’t care anymore. And gives him a metaphorical kick to the balls when she says, “Thanks.” “For what?” “Exactly.” She’s just like “OH, I’M GOING TO GO ON THIS TRIP WITH THIS MYSTERIOUS MAN YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG. BY THE WAY, THANKS FOR NEVER DOING ANYTHING FOR ME. IT’S NOT LIKE WE’RE DATING OR ANYTHING. LOL BYE.”

This is Cassandra. She is basically a flap of skin because of all the plastic surgeries she got done.

And then she gets sort of okay. She dislikes Cassandra for good reasons. She isn’t scared of the weird looking aliens. But she immediately gets jealous of the Doctor and his new tree friend, Jabe. You don’t own him sweetheart, sorry. And then she’s pretty cool in the Dalek episode, since she keeps the Doctor from shooting it. She was also good for the Doctor because she helped him heal after what happened with Gallifrey. But that’s really all when it comes to Rose Tyler’s positive points.

This is Jabe. She is awesome. And she is also dead because the writers of Doctor Who love to feast on the fandom’s tears.

When she finally goes home, she can’t trust Jackie, her mom, enough to just tell her where she’s been. She doesn’t have to tell the police or anyone else, just her mum. And she doesn’t. Nor does she ever thank Mickey for keeping her secret for a whole FREAKING YEAR and practically ruining his life! That’s some freaking dedication. That guy needs a medal, not underestimation.

And now, we arrive at Father’s Day. I hate this episode because I hate her, and otherwise it would be good. So Rose saves her dad, something that the Doctor told her she couldn’t ever do. And yeah, if my dad died and I had a chance to save him, I would want to as well. She isn’t evil or bad for wanting to save him, she’s just an idiot for actually doing it. When the Doctor tells her he’s going to leave, she says, “You don’t scare me! You’ll come back!” like she’s so fricking entitled that he’s beholden to her. And when she finally realizes what she’s done, she gives him a half-arsed apology because she knows that’s all she has to give him.

And then we have Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways. She’s not too bad in this, except for practically raping the TARDIS and all. She does genuinely want to help the Doctor and Jack save the people on Satellite 5 and she does listen to what the Doctor tells her to do, except for the whole ‘stay home’ part. And now, I’m going to give her a little leeway right here, because if I was in that situation, I’d try whatever I could to save the Doctor too. That makes sense. But the poor TARDIS is like “Um, sweetie, no. You don’t want to do that.” and Rose doesn’t listen. And no, I’m not going to blame her for the Doctor regenerating because she wouldn’t have known that was going to happen. That isn’t her fault. She was trying to help.

But when the Doctor DOES regenerate, she refuses to accept it. And yeah, I admit that it would be weird and probably scary if you didn’t know it was coming. And not to mention confusing. But she spends the whole Christmas episode whining to her mum about how he left her. He’d explained this to her, he’s the same person. AND HELLO, HE DID IT TO SAVE YOUR LIFE, YOU UNGRATEFUL TWAT.

And season 2 is when she starts getting really bad. I can deal with her in season 1, in part because of the lovely acting of Chris Eccleston, but I can’t even watch season 2 and not get pissed off because of her. She’s mildly annoying up until School Reunion, when we see the brilliantly kick-arse Sarah Jane Smith return. Rose gets stupidly defensive for no reason, like she should be the only one who’s ever traveled with the Doctor. She knows how old he is, and it’s not completely and utterly ridiculous that he’d be friends with other people. Get over it. She treats Sarah Jane terribly because of this. To Rose’s credit, they’re friends at the end, but that doesn’t discount the way that Rose acted.

And then we have The Girl In The Fireplace. Rose gets pissy because the Doctor finds himself friends with Madame de Pompadour (aka Reinette). Rose obviously feels threatened by her, because she treats Reinette like crap too. And now Mickey is with the group, though Rose is basically still ignoring him. (The Doctor does feel some attraction to Reinette, but she is freaking brilliant.) And she doesn’t treat Rose the way that Rose treats her.

And in the two Cybermen episodes, she gets clingy over her dad (who isn’t her dad) who she thinks is also beholden to her in someway. He isn’t her real dad, but she acts like he should adopt her or something. She assumes he’s going to automatically accept her, and when he doesn’t, she gets all hurt like it’s his fault. And then, she suddenly gets upset when Mickey leaves, like she actually cared whether he was there or not.

Fast forward to The Impossible Planet, where the Doctor is faced with the most horrifying thing he could ever imagine: living a normal life. Rose automatically decides they’re going to be living together, something that the Doctor doesn’t say anything about. The idea of being forced into one place and time is something he hates, but she’s happy to back him into a corner as long as she gets her fairytale.

And oh god, Love and Monsters. Rose gets mad at Alton for upsetting her mum. UM, WHO HAS BEEN THE ONE UPSETTING HER MUM FOR THE LAST TWO SEASONS? AND TREATING HER LIKE S***? Oh yeah, Rose has.

And Doomsday. She was trying to help the Doctor save the world and got trapped in the parallel universe. Okay. She gets credit. Credit where credit is due. EXCEPT HOLY GOD, THE BEACH SCENE. “I can’t come to the beach and see you, if I do it will blow a hole in spacetime and both universes will collapse.” And what’s her answer? “So?” SO?!?!?!? FRICKING ‘SO’? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? “I don’t care about killing my family and trillions and trillions of people, destroying all the planets everywhere and taking away all the days that never came, I just want to hug you.”

REALLY? Okay, I get that you’re sad. I’d be sad too. But I wouldn’t jeopardize the future of my family and two universes for friccking sentiment. And, FYI, she’d be killing the Doctor too. He kind of lives in one of those universes.

So, fast forward to the end of season 4. She builds a fricking dimension cannon to do EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR TOLD HER NOT TO. I am completely and utterly convinced that it is HER fault that universes are collapsing and the stars are going out. But anyway, she builds the cannon and jumps back to her original universe. She puts trillions of people in danger, AGAIN, because she can’t live without her man. And then she gets a stupidly undeserved happy ending in Handy.

This is the pinnacle of Rose Tyler’s ridiculousness. I don’t care if you ignore everything else that she ever did. I don’t care if you try to make it alright in your head. When you purposely perform an act that WILL kill trillions and trillions of people, without caring about the consequences, you are dead to me. Period. End of story. Rose did not care if her family died, she didn’t care if she killed EVERYONE as long as she got back to the Doctor, WHICH BY THE WAY WOULD HAVE KILLED HIM. AGAIN. I don’t understand how this is acceptable. “I’m going to do everything I can to get back to you, even if it kills you.” This is Twilight-stupid.

And if you don’t agree with me, that’s fine, you really don’t have to. This is just my own opinion. I’m not attacking you or anyone else because they like Rose Tyler, I’m just saying that I don’t like her. If you liked this post, go check out my other ones!

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5 Responses to Rose Tyler | Doctor Who: The Companions

  1. River says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be careful. . . . XD

  2. Pingback: Rory Williams | Doctor Who: The Companions | Lollipops and rainbows

  3. nevillegirl says:

    I wouldn’t say Rose is my FAVORITE (that honor belongs to Donna Freaking Noble!) but I don’t think she’s that bad.
    The one I really, really dislike is Amy. I’ve only seen seven episodes with her, but Martha and Donna did far more awesome things in that time.

    • Donna is awesome.

      To clarify, I wrote this post when I was really annoyed with her in season 1. So yeah, a lot of vitriol went into that post. I’d still agree with some of the points I made, but I think that Rose has some good points.
      Amy is a bit weak, character-wise, compared to Martha and Donna. Sure, she’s got her good bits, but you can really see the difference between RTD and Moffat’s female companions.

  4. Irene says:

    I’m at the beginning of Season 4, but knows what happens at the end of Season 4, so no spoilers spoiled! You’ve pretty much pointed out everything I hate about Rose. I’m also not a big fan of Billie Piper (I read somewhere that Louise Brealey almost got the part, but they chose Billie over her in the end, sigh), so definitely no loss from me. At times, Rose reminded me of my whiny, selfish, self-centred 4 year old. The difference being that most 4 year olds are whiny, selfish and self-centred. 19 year olds should (hopefully) be growing out of it.

    But the bigger question is: Why would a 900+ year old Time Lord, who has seen just about everything and met all sorts of people, fall in love with someone like Rose? Really? That’s what really baffles my mind. I cheered in the episode with Madame du Pompadour, because Rose pretty much got pushed off to the side. Madame du Pompadour is really more the 10th Doctor’s equal IMO (Martha Jones actually reminds me of her somewhat). My only conclusion is that it’s possible that The 9th Doctor had recently been done with the Time Wars and Rose may have been the first companion post-Time War. She was in the right place at the right time. The Doctor really needed someone to latch onto emotionally, and there was Rose. Completely unsubstantiated and fully speculative guessing on my part (and yes, I know RTD wanted the two to fall in love, blech).

    I always felt that there was zero on-screen chemistry between David Tennant and Billie Piper when it came to the romance. It may have worked better between Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston, but one season with the 9th Doctor didn’t give me enough time to form an impression.

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