Rose Tyler…I don’t love you


Here be spoilers for Doctor Who. If you’ve seen the episode ‘Doomsday’, then you can read this. If you haven’t seen ‘Doomsday’ but you want spoilers, you can read this. If you don’t want spoilers at all, exit this tab right now.

Still here? Let’s get to work then, shall we? This post is all about a certain regeneration of the Doctor and a certain companion.

Yep, these two. Today I am focusing on the goodbye scene in Doomsday when the Doctor leaves Rose in the alternate universe. If you need to refresh your memory, here’s the video again.

I hope that didn’t make you cry.

Anyway, here’s my theory: if the Doctor wanted to say I love you, he would’ve said so.

I mean really, he had plenty of time to just blurt it out. Right after she said the dreaded three words, he could’ve gone something like ‘I love you too’ but he didn’t. He stalled. Go rewatch the video. See it? See the obvious stalling? See the seconds he wastes by staring at her face? SEE IT?

So yes. I think he was stalling. Why would he love her?

  1. The age difference is absurd. 900+ and 19. From the start, it was sort of doomed.
  2. She basically raped the TARDIS. (more on this in a future post)
  3. She’s just one girl in a long chain of companions, but she can’t accept that. Look at how she treats Reinette, Sarah Jane, Jabe, and everyone else. No.
  4. She built a dimension cannon, even when the Doctor TOLD HER NOT TO.
  5. She doesn’t care if universes will collapse, she just wants some huggytime. Excuse me, I live in one of those universes. I don’t particularly want to die.
  6. NO.
  7. NO.
  8. No.

As you can see, I am not a shipper of Rose/anyone. I think she was a bad companion, but I’ll talk about that in a different post.

And that’s basically it. In summary: the Doctor was probably stalling when he said goodbye and I don’t like Rose at all. Bye!

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