An assortment of Oddness

This post will contain an assortment of Oddness. You have been warned.

Firstly, I was on Wordle the other day procrastinating attempting to be creative, and I started thinking about Doctor Who. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock been enclosed somewhere with no contact with the outside world, Doctor Who’s hiatus is currently over, and new episodes are being shown every Saturday. So that’s the reason for all the Who stuff on Twitter and Tumblr lately. Anyway, I decided to make some DW Wordles, and here are the results.

11D wonky font

attempt 1


11D handwriting

attempt 2

I decided I’d focus on the Eleventh Doctor’s run for these Wordles, since he’s the current one. They’re the same Wordles, just with slightly different layouts and different fonts. I find it ironic (and this bit is for the Whovians) that ‘Rory’, ‘Amy’, ‘Atraxi’, and ‘Weeping Angel’ are all vertical. Hehehehe.

Moving on. Here are some pictures of a baby blanket I am working on. It’s going to be donated to a hospital when it’s finished. I think next time, I’ll get two balls of yarn and crochet with both strands at once, because right now the blanket’s a bit thin.


Here’s a picture of the yarn I’m using. Ignore the rainbow snake in the background.


And here’s how wide it is. It’s going to be about the length of a pillow when I’m done with it.


And detailing of the stitching. I bet if you’re a crocheter and you know what stitches look like, you could figure out this pattern in no time!

I’m making it because I’m a part of Giveback, which is a program held at the Bloomingdale library in Florida. (shameless promoting of library hehe)

And I found some forms online and thought they were interesting, so I made this.apology mufasa-scar

HA. Well, what do you think? And if you’re a fan of Supernatural, I’ve got this for you.

dads on a hunting trip

Eheheheeeeeeeeeeeeee. I don’t watch Supernatural, it’s just been on my Tumblr dashboard lately and I’ve soaked up the info like a sponge.

Also, I’ve checked out some books from the library and I think I’ll be doing a book review soon! I just need to stop wasting all my time on Tumblr…

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