The Name of the Doctor–What I think (aka Steven Moffat is smarter than you)

Warning: Spoilers ahead! SPOILERS AHEAD

If you do not watch Doctor Who and do not want spoilers, do not read further. Close this tab.

If you do watch Doctor Who, welcome fellow Whovian! As a certain archeologist would say, spoilers!

To the rest of you, here is my theory on the episode soon to be aired, The Name of The Doctor. Click/scroll below for more.

Still here? Good.

Now, to those of you who don’t know, Steven Moffat has announced that the final episode in this season will be called The Name of The Doctor. Here’s the promo poster that BBC released.

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See. Now, many of the Whovians online I follow have gone absolutely crazy. Some have even promised that they will swear off Doctor Who forever if Moffat reveals the Doctor’s name. Some fans I follow have even pointed out that the Doctor is standing behind a broken TARDIS window in the poster, and that the blue light in the background is the TARDIS console itself. In short, the Who fandom is going insane.

But what all of you have missed is that the title of this episode can be taken another way. Most of you have thought it to mean the revealing of the Doctor’s true name, which he has kept hidden successfully for however long he has lived. I don’t think even River knows it. But let’s get back to the point.

Moffat could be tallking about

  • the Doctor’s true name


  • the name of ‘the Doctor’

Do you get what I’m saying? Instead of revealing the Doctor’s secret name, Moffat could be talking about why the Doctor calls himself ‘the Doctor’. We don’t really know why he picked ‘the Doctor’ in the first place, do we? He could just as easily pick ‘the Poop-scooper’ or ‘the Drunkard’ as he could pick ‘the Doctor’. Maybe, just maybe, Moffat is talking about that famous nickname.

And that’s my theory on The Name of The Doctor.

Now, onto why Moffat is smarter than the majority of the Who fandom.

You see this face? This is the face of true evil. TRUE EVIL.

If you’ve watched the New Doctor Who’s seasons so far, you’ll probably know that Steven Moffat has pulled some truly amazing tricks. He can write awesomeness.

  • He wrote The Girl In The Fireplace from 10’s run
  • Blink
  • Silence in The Library/Forest of The Dead
  • The Beast Below
  • The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
  • The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon
  • The Angels Take Manhattan

All of these episodes were pure awesome. But, you’ll also know that he thrives on paranoia from us, the fans. Remember that period of time when we thought Rory was dead forever? And the chilling episodes that featured the Vashta Nerada? And even the adventures with the Pandorica, River, and Big Bang Mark II? Those were epic, bone-chiling, suspense-filled episodes.

And then, of course, Season 6 was one of the most convoluted, most confusing seasons I’ve ever seen. We get the Silence, Madam Kovarian, Flesh-Amy and Flesh-Melody/River, the true identity of River Song (which was strange in itself), and an arse-load of other stuff thrown in. I would like to point out the sheer imagination it takes to create a plotline such as The Impossible Astronaut and Day Of The Moon had. I’ve rewatched those two episodes over and over and I still don’t truly get the parts with the Silence. It is near impossible to wrap my head around it.

So do you really think such a brilliant mind wouldn’t think up a brilliant plan to get millions more views of Who? With the Internet buzzing about this episode, I bet much more people would tune in to watch The Name Of The Doctor than to watch any old episode. I think he’s doing it for views.

But he’s not only doing it for views, he’s doing it because he’s got some brilliant, mind-blowing episode that will be unveiled with millions of people watching. And it will stun us, it will shock us, and it will hold all the marks of a great Moffat-written script. He’s just feeding us a bit of the ‘bait’. Then he’ll astound us with the finale. And let’s not forget the 50th Anniversary special coming in the fall. That one will be awesome too.

So here are my theories on Moffat and The Name of The Doctor.

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6 Responses to The Name of the Doctor–What I think (aka Steven Moffat is smarter than you)

  1. River says:

    AARRGH SPOILERS!!! You’re awful, Koko–and this attack in your battle to make me watch Dr. Who is. . . underhanded. (No, I didn’t read it. But I really wanna.)

    • It’s not purely for the attack, it’s also because I wanted to blog something but I couldn’t be bothered to write a 2k-word-long story. Cause 2k is a good amount of words for a short story. Underhanded you say? MUAHAHAHAHAAA

      If you really, really wanted to read it, I guess you could read as far as the picture of Steven Moffat. But after that pictures comes major spoilers. The first bit contains mild spoilers related to the Doctor and the TARDIS.

      • River says:

        Yes. Underhanded. If I give into the impulse of watching Who tonight instead of other, more important things (like studying for finals), I blame you.

        Yes, 2k is a lot. What were you going to write before you decided to do a Whovian post instead?

        Nah, I’ll pass this time. Because once I start reading, I won’t stop. . . .

        • Give in! Give in! Give iiiiiiiin!

          A short drabble of Draco finding Albus Severus in the shady area of Diagon (or maybe Knockturn) and helping him find Harry. It was going to be fluffy and sweet.

          Oh yes, that would be bad. Also, Potter post going up today!

  2. Emma Snow says:

    I believe in your theory (: Moffat is a brilliant master mind! Plus, he does like to make us crazy. And he is evil. EVIL I TELL YOU! I’m glad to have found another Whovian 🙂 Hope we can talk more! Haven’t watched today’s new episode but I will be doing so tomorrow after all my homework is officially done! 😀

    • Why thanks! I was afraid it wouldn’t hold up and would turn out to be bollocks.

      Moffat has actually said he ‘thrives on extended paranoia’. I both eagerly anticipate and dread the 50th anniversary special.

      It’s a good one. A very good one, and with another little mindblower I will post about soon. It’s another of my theories on Clara. Good luck with your homework!

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