What? This is actually a post?

Frankly, I’m surprised I’m writing this post at all. This week has been hectic and it’s only Wednesday. I dread the weekend. But enough of my woes, let’s get on to the good stuff.

  1. I finished a blue baby outfit set. I’ll post pictures soon, but the set consists of a hat, booties, a jacket, and pants. I’m donating it and it’s absolutely adorable.
  2. My air plants that I got from the Siesta Fiesta Art Festival a few weeks ago have bloomed. Well, one of them has, The other one is slightly wilted. I don’t know exactly why.
  3. I’ve written some awesome new fanfiction.
  4. I’ve read some awesome new fanfiction.
  5. I’m learning to play ‘I’ve Got A Friend In You’ from Toy Story on the piano and it’s going swimmingly.
  6. I will soon be the only author who has shipped Marge Dursley and (someone who is yet to be announced because I’m keeping it a secret) on fanfiction.net
  7. My book, Tales from Metsä, is almost done!
  8. I got a pet sugar glider which Emkho and Fexnox named Melody Pond.
  9. THIS.
  10. This video is bloody freaking awesome.

So this post is mainly about my fanfiction. Feel free to skim if you get tired of my ramblings.

Here is an excerpt from one of my newest fics, Blood flows red.

Something black flitted around in the corner of his eye. He turned quickly to the left, drawing his knife and holding it out defensively in one smooth motion. He scanned the area, looking for the smidge of black that had caught his sight. His gaze landed on three little bear cubs hiding behind one of the Great Stones. Intrigued, he walked in their direction. They appeared to be the large bear’s children.

He shuddered, vividly reminded of the mother bear’s bloody fate. Bear or not, no child deserved to watch their mother die.

And there you go. Be warned, the fic is rated Mature. There will be gore. There will be blood. It may be possibly traumatizing. If you want to read it (and I highly suggest you do if you aren’t squeamish) here’s the link again.

Here is an excerpt for another of the fics I am currently working on. It is still unnamed. I think I will call it the Untitled Fic of Strangeness and Shipping (UFoSS).

He ducked past a tall wizard holding a large owl and attempted to blend in with the plebians. He looked around wildly, and with no fans in clear sight, took the chance and ran into the Leaky Cauldron. He waved hurriedly at the barkeep as he rushed by and flashed a quick, dazzling smile at a middle-aged, ginger woman who swooned.

He walked quickly out into the streets of Muggle London and breathed a relieved sigh. Here, his fangirls would not find him. He turned to the right and started to follow the–what was it called? Oh yes, ‘pavement’– along the ‘road’.

He shuddered as an unkempt Muggle brushed past him. Of course, he was no blood-purist, but he did think that the Muggles ought to allot more time to taking care of their appearances. Their strange customs of putting things in their earlobes, painting their fingernails, and coloring their hair made for a slightly unsettling sight.

This fic is the Marge Dursley/??? one. Rest assured, I do know who I am going to pair Marge with, I just don’t want any of the Internet idea-stealers to idea-steal.

And that’s all for today, folks! I leave you with a picture of sheer adorableness

as well as this very interesting fact card about the mantis shrimp. I find this strange shellfish a bit … scary, actually.

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7 Responses to What? This is actually a post?

  1. River says:

    Not to brag, but. . . I know who it is. XD

    For some reason, the first excerpt you posted reminds me of Brave. Is that intentional, or am I reading too much into it because I’m thinking that it’s that obvious?

    Wow, mantis shrimp are kind of frightening. It’s cool that scientists are studying them to improve body armor. But I would definitely not want to find myself in the same room as one.

    • I know you know who it is. I told you before. 😀

      Hmm, you are correct. It is a Brave fanfiction. I didn’t think it was too obvious, but maybe I’m biased. Did you read it?

      Yes, they are. Wikipedia says the stronger kind can actually break aquarium glass, but I don’t know how reliable Wikipedia is. My US History teacher likes to mess with Wikipedia every time she gives us a research project. I happen to know that half the class handed in essays on President Truman and Adolf Hitler’s homosexual relationship when the teacher asked for a report on Truman.

  2. emkho says:

    i like the teddy and the real teddy cute…:)

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