Things that are just generally really awesome.

This post is all about things I’ve found on the Internet recently that are just really freaking awesome.

First off is this Swiss artist, Ursus Wehrli, who does amazing things. He takes everyday things and organizes them by color, size, and some of them are so perfectly organized it borders on OCD. I have found it impossible to find good pictures of his work, so instead I’m just gonna make you go Google him. GOOGLE SAVES THE WORLD.

Next is this brilliantly done underwater photography by Elena Kalis. Here are just some of her works.

Property of Elena Kalis

This one is an Alice In Wonderland-themed one. She’s got a lot more on her site here. Anyway, here are some more excellent pics.

Elena Kalis

This one’s one of my favorites.

Elena Kalis

And this one is awesome. It’s like she’s jumping into a different world. And the red ribbon as a contrast against the blue background is so pretty.

Elena Kalis

Another Alice In Wonderland one. Which is so awesome.

Moving on from the awesome photos, next are these assorted photos I saved from Tumblr blogs and forgot their sources. And also some screenshots of things not related to Tumblr. If you own any of the following photos, comment and I’ll put in the source.


FINDING NEMO WASN’T A LIE. P. Sherman the dentist who works at 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, is REAL. OMFG. THIS.

This lake looks pretty shallow, right? Maybe about 8-10 feet deep? Still pretty shallow, right? WRONG. Apparently this lake in Montana has such clear water that it looks shallow, but is really over 100 feet deep. What is this. I can’t decide if this is pretty or DANGEROUS. I mean someone could just jump in and be ‘oh it’s shallow’ but NO they fall sooooo deep and have to swim all the way back up and when they get out they’re like ‘what the hell just happened’.

Notice anything wrong? No? Keep looking. You’ll notice it eventually.

…Get it now? Still no? I’ll tell you what’s wrong. AUSTRALIA IS FREAKING MISSING. The koalas and the platypuses and the kangaroos and EVERYTHING IS GONE. Why did you do this cartographer who chose to ignore a huge island.


This thing is adorable. Inside you can see a Pichu, which will evolve into Pikachu, which will evolve into Raichu. Wow.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 11.59.28 PMThis. Just. This.

And this Tumblr post. So awesome. Apparently this guy recycled a typewriter by replacing the typing keys with sponges soaked in different paint colors. And he used this typewriter to ‘paint’ these awesome things.

It took me at least 15 seconds to remember how to properly read headlines. I was like ‘but why would the Doctor do– Oh. I get it.’ I am uncomfortable with how long it took me to understand this headline.

This is so nerdy and cute and I am sure that when I do more science homework I might understand this but I don’t yet. All I know is that it’s a molecule-thingy. I think.

And yet another Tumblr link, simply because I cannot be bothered to learn how to post a gif.


Double whoa.

EW. Did they actually use cat pee? Or is it some kind of glow-in-the-dark paint? I don’t think I want to know.


Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 12.23.28 AM


What. THat looks like a real actual owl hanging out in a dragon fruit. I refuse to believe that that owl is not real.

And lastly, this is what a popsicle stick said after I ate the popsicle. ‘Time to die’. I can’t decide if this is supposed to be funny or if it’s an actual death threat.

Hmm this post was a long one. I’ll post part 2 in a few days.

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4 Responses to Things that are just generally really awesome.

  1. River says:

    I really liked the first Elena Kalis photo. Unfortunately, the next three Elena Kalis photos aren’t showing up for me. Maybe it’s just my browser? But all the other pictures are showing up, so I don’t know.

    That popsicle stick is freaky. . . and the connections between Lincoln and Kennedy is also freaky. . . .

    • They all show up for me. Maybe it is your browser. Or you could try reloading the page. Or right-clicking on where the picture is supposed to be and selecting ‘Reload Image’. That last one normally works for me.
      Yes. Yes it is. Do you think it’s supposed to be a joke or it’s a death threat?
      The Lincoln/Kennedy thing really freaked me out, cause I was reading it at night with the lights off and creepy Who music playing.

      • River says:

        Probably so, since they don’t show up even if I do “Refresh Image”. Gah. Firefox is better than IE, though, so I’ll put up with its strange quirks.

        Probably a joke. Probably. But don’t take any risks. . . XD

        Tsk tsk! You should know better by now than to read creepy things late at night without lights and with creepy Dr. Who music playing. Haven’t you learned yet? 😉

        • The portfolio pics are showing up for you, right? You can just look through those.

          I won’t! Unless you count jumping into a deep pool from 15 feet up as dangerous.

          Phhhbt. No. I like the night, darkness, creepy stuff, and creepy Who music. I just don’t like them together, but I can’t resist!

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