I was going to write a real post, but . . .

I was going to write a real post for once, but the I was faced with this blank page, and everything I was going to write melted and ran down the drain. *sob sob* Come back, my post!

I am in a weird mood today. Shall I tell you something of what has happened? I think so. You will be tortured by the sheer . . . God, I can’t even find a good word to describe myself. Today is a ‘meh’ day.

First, look at this.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 4.41.46 PMWhy, why, does WordPress keep linking me to myself? I don’t want to read my own blog. Except when I’m feeling particularly narcissistic. Voldemort. My fingers have a life of their own. See? I didn’t want to type Voldemort there, but I did.

That was off-topic. Back to the strange things.

Teamwork A-watermarkI made this. It was so hard aligning the T and the K with the ‘eamwor‘ in the picture. I tried to watermark it, but I was too lazy to actually bother to learn how to properly watermark something, so I slipped in a bit of text in the top corner. So now people can’t edit it out of the picture and try to pass it off as their own. HA. Some people on the Internet are just a**h****. And there, I was lazy again. I actually wrote out the real word, but then I remembered some 3rd graders read my blog. So I censored it. Sort of. They’re pesky and annoying. They’ll find out what it is.

And I made something dissing sparkly wusses vampires.


It’s pretty. I like it. And Malfoys do sparkle. But only when their hair is ferret-colored platinum blond. I put my watermark on Malfoy’s forehead because people can’t edit it out and make it look good. Cause Malfoy’s forehead will be missing. Unless there’s another way to edit something out.

And I also made this. When I was being tortured by math the other day, I thought that 3.14, which is the short way to write the value of π, looked like the word ‘pie’ if you were to reverse it. So I made this. Don’t look at that reversed 3.14 and tell me you don’t see the word ‘pie’. The font is Bebas Neue. I like it. The pie icon is from a free clip art site. And I decided to be obnoxious and put my watermark right in the middle. PIE_wm

And I don’t really feel like writing anything else, so this is it.

About Danny

I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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