LOOK AT ME! And LOOK at the tiny bunny! This is the first time my bunnies have been featured on something! THIS IS A MILESTONE YOU GUYS


Art for the people!

When was the last time you stumbled onto an art exhibit and were allowed to steal something?


Doesn’t that just get you goat?

Well here are some people who want to send you on an impromptu Easter egg hunt!

Our first installation takes us back to October, 1869.

The place was a small village in New York state.

Art for the people 5

Workers digging a well discovered a marvelous wonder; a 10-foot tall stone man laying buried beneath the fields of an otherwise unremarkable town.

Some said the man was a true giant; turned to stone in the biblical past.

Others said it was a statue; perhaps of some ancient, North American god.

The truth would only make people more determined to catch a glimpse of the Cardiff Giant.

For the statue was only completed a year before its discovery by a man who sought to prove that people were gullible.

The giant…

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  1. rastelly says:

    OMG! Somebody Re-blogged me! I’m so honored. 😀

    • Aww! Also, your giant squid page is awesome.

      • rastelly says:

        Thankx It is kind of a promotion/supplement for my
        children’s book “To The World Above” it just came
        out on amazon and I’m trying to promote it.

        There is a button on my site showing the book’s cover, click the button to see it’s amazon page – there are pages posted so you can look through it –

        I also have a post under artwork that shows even
        more of the book’s artwork if you are interested.

        Thank you again for re-blogging. So cool to see my art anarchy sign on another site –

        I like quirky ideas and am always on the look out. Art
        is funny because you never know what form it take or
        what you will bump into next especially on public streets –

        Towns were filled with life-size cow statues not
        long ago – people would buy them and dress them
        up and paint them – you would run into them everywhere – I would think, what is with all these cows? It was great funny feeling.

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