Oh God please no, NOT THE LIBRARY!

*embarrassingly sneaks back onto blog* H-hey, guys! I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been! Right? No? Ehm . . .

Anyway, one of the many reasons I haven’t posted in a while, thus breaking my vow to post at least twice a week, is that I have been furiously working on my book, Tales from Metsä, as well as trying to dig myself out of the pit of homework my teachers have dropped me in. Ms. Walker, if you’re reading this now, please ignore this post. IGNORE IT.

But part of my short break from posting is because of this.


Aren’t the little booties cute? I’ve needed to find something suitably mindless to crochet while I watch Doctor Who/read/do math. Yes, I can crochet during math. Bow to my awesomeness. These booties aren’t all that I’ve made. I’ve also finished this!

blue boy's set

I called it Little Boy Blue.

Isn’t it cute?! The booties were from Ravelry, the hat was my own pattern, and the top is actually two filled-in granny squares with sleeves added in. Also this.

blue multi boy setIsn’t it CUTE?! This set took me the longest. The booties and hat were a cinch, but the jacket took some rereading of patterns and unraveling of stitches. The pants took me the longest, I think. But they are so cute. Right?

complete rainbow girl setOh, this dress! It was easy enough to make the top part (pink) but the skirt. Ugh. And it pooled. It pooled. I would have been fine with either the scattered pooling (top half of skirt) or the striped pooling (bottom half) but both of them? NO. Never again. No. At least not with the rainbow yarn.

Currently, I am making this for my little brother’s birthday. His birthday is March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. Fexnox, if you’re reading this, butt out!

(picture pilfered from @villapeikko on Ravelry)

It’s going pretty slowly. I’ve just worked on it while he isn’t here (at school, I mean) and seeing as I do my homework until around 3pm and then take a break, I only have about 45 minutes before he gets home and barges into my room. The head is emerging, though.

I want to do a giveaway. Would you guys like it if I did a giveaway? *readers scream ‘Yes’* OK. I’m doing a giveaway. How about this hat?

(pic lovingly stolen from @litavasi)

I like this hat. Yes. It’s settled, then. I’m gonna post about my hat giveaway soon. As to what color it is, that will be a surprise. What I’m working on? I’ve been eying this weeping angel for a while. THE ANGELS HAVE THE PHONE BOX, YOU GUYS.

(borrowed from @ChellBelle)

Oh frick, a weeping angel! DON’T EFFING BLINK. I was thinking of making some of these to creep out my Whovian family. Maybe one in this position, one with hands lowered, one with ‘claws’, and one with arms extended? I could change them out every few days and see if anyone noticed. It would do a good job of teaching the Whovians in this house not to blink. Sadly, I have not found a pattern for the Silence yet. Or a sonic screwdriver. I want a sonic. Badly.

Or, if I’m not gonna make a swarm of angels, I will make this cow. I like this cow. Very very much.

(borrowed from @NeedleNoodles)

And I have just realized that the title of this post has no relation to the content. So it’s time to write about library stuff. First of all, a very loved librarian from the Bloomingdale Library in my area is moving to a different one. And she’s leaving on Saturday. I’m part of a group she runs, so when she broke the news to us–this was in the library room, by the way–people could hear us screaming ‘NOOOOOOO’ all the way in the library itself. Our room is sort of away from the main area. OH MISS SONIA PLEASE DON’T GO!

*sniff* So, as a goodbye present, I am making her something. Pictures to come in a future post. Maybe.

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I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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26 Responses to Oh God please no, NOT THE LIBRARY!

  1. River says:

    *Warning: Really long comment ahead

    Preemie clothes SO CUTE. I want the patterns.

    The penguin is cute, too. Do you think Fexnox really will obey you if he gets to that part?

    GIVEAWAY YAYS! I wanna do a giveaway too. I wonder what the theme should be. . . maybe books?

    If you send me a picture of the sonic screwdriver, I will make you a pattern. XD

    It’s been twenty-four hours (almost). I still can’t believe that she’s transferring. *sobs quietly*

    *Okay, sorry for the extremely long comment. I blame your epically long post. XD

    • MY PATTERNS! Jk, you ca have them if I show up to Giveback. We’re gonna just show up at the pot thing and hope someone didn’t make it and didn’t call to cancel. It might work, you never know.
      No, he probably won’t. Fexnox is like that.
      Really? You’ll make up a sonic?! *cheers*
      *curls into ball and cries* Also, she likes penguins. And owls. But I’m making her an owl, so you get to do penguins if you want.

      • River says:

        LOL! Good luck with the pot program. (Is it strange that I’m simultaneously hoping you’re able to do the pot AND that no-one cancels so you can go to Giveback?)

        Hm. Little brothers generally are. . . or so I’ve heard.

        YES BOOKS. Lemme go find a couple. . . .

        Yes. PICTURES. NOW. Jk, pictures soon.

        Penguins! There’s a really cute beginner felting kit for a penguin at Joann’s, come to think of it. I’ll probably do crochet, though.

        • I GOT IN! I got to do the pot! Oh crud, this means no Giveback! How about I come to C3 on Thursday and bring my stuff and we can take pictures? Then it’s sort of ‘cyber’.
          You can have him. Fexnox, I mean. Take him.
          SOON. Yes. When I charge the camera. Those pictures were taken with Mom’s iPhone.
          OK! I’ll go raid Ravelry for some nice owls.

        • River says:

          YAYS!!! And simultaneously–AW! XD Glad you were able to do it though. Go tomorrow without any doubts or guilt, and have more FUN! Yes? And I can drool over the cute patterns on Thursday. Ooh, maybe we can do some patterns on our blogs this week. . . .

          REALLY? Can I have Emkho too?

          Wow, they look good! Phone technology is. . . better than I expected? LOL, I still kinda think of phones as mostly a, you know, phone. XD

          Yes, please. THANK YOU.

        • YES. And that is a great idea! Or I could post the drabbles I wrote. Remember Snape’s Death Glare™?

          Sure. She’ll love your dogs. As will Fexnox, although he might try to recruit them for Dalek evil.

          I know! I sort of thought they would turn out grainy.

          I can’t find anything yet. Network is sort of slow today.

        • River says:

          Drabbles = YES. Snape’s Death Glare™ = DOUBLE YES. And I would totally buy it.

          They would? Yays! I wonder how successful he’d be at recruiting the dogs. They’d probably just jump on him. And lick him. A lot.

          Technology is amazing.

          Aw darn. I’ll look too, or maybe I’ll just make one like the one you’re making for Fexnox.

  2. Such lovely things you have made. I am mad about cute and I adore libraries so I thoroughly enjoyed your post! The cow is just sweetness.

  3. cloudcross says:

    Oh my, Koko, your Preemie clothes are soooo cute! So is the penguin and the cow. Will you share the patterns with me too, please? :3

    And I think a giveaway would be fun! Maybe I’ll do one on my blog, too. . . Well, I should probably wait until I have more people who actually read my blog. . . Which means I need to post more.
    Why does it always come back to posting?

    . . . I still can’t believe that she’s leaving. It just doesn’t seem real, you know? ;_; *sobs*

    *dries eyes*
    Anyway, good post, Koko!

  4. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    I agree – we haven’t talked for a while. After reading this post, I understand why. And wow, you are a very busy person. You study as well as edit your own book! Cool. I also love the booties in there. Can you create something for animals, too? Say, a puppy?

    I vote yes for the giveaway!

    • Yep. Speaking of my book, I might be posting an excerpt sooner or later. But probably later, when it’s all polished and shiny and glittering with awesomeness. I think if you sign up for a Ravelry.com account, you can search for some puppy clothes. I just looked and there are a lot of cute animal outfits out there! Like this rabbit costume for a pug… 🙂

  5. rastelly says:

    I want the Penguin!

    • I know, it’s so cute! The penguin that I’ve made is almost done. I’ve just got to sew on the little feet and then he’s finished! He looks so cute that I don’t really want to give him away, even if it’s only to my little brother. I’m a selfish crafter.

      • rastelly says:

        The more fuzzies you give away
        the more room you have to create
        more –

        Though who’s to say you couldn’t
        pile them up and sleep on them.

        🙂 🙂 🙂

        My furry fairy owls are a big hit
        at renassance fairs – but their
        resin bodies arn’t so cuddly.
        I can’t sew 😦

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