In Defense of Kim Kardashian

If you read the news every few days, you’ll probably have noticed that when Kim Kardashian does just about anything, it will make the news. A lot of people think she’s annoying and stuff like that. I personally am not a fan of her at all, but I do think this needs to be said.

Recently, a stalker paparazzo (which is singular for paparazzi) snapped a picture of the Kardashian in question. It is no secret that Kim is pregnant. The news has been spread all over the Internet. It seems like everyone knows about it. And from what I remember of various aunts and my mom being pregnant, when you’re pregnant, you want to be comfortable. My dad says that mom was wearing loose, stretchy exercise clothes practically every day. So there should be no problem with a pregnant woman going out in sweats and tennis shoes, right? Well, apparently not when it comes to celebrities.

Remember the creep paparazzo I was talking about? Said paparazzo snapped a picture of Kim in full I’m-not-having-such-a-good-day regalia.And I have to say, she’s still looking pretty put-together on one of her so-called ‘off days’. Half of the time I look much worse than Kim in this picture here. (and I am so ashamed of that. Readers, Koko is a slob)

See? Exercise clothes and tennis shoes.

The picture was published, and the Net went crazy. KK haters crawled out of the woodwork, and it seemed like everyone had something to say about her.

‘Beep! Beep! Beep! Wide load here!’, ‘seems like someone’s getting fat’, and ‘Pass me the barf bag!’ are just some of the things that were liberally spewed all over my timeline as I scrolled through Twitter. I mean come on, she is having to provide for a baby.

Kim regularly gets badmouthed by haters, and sometimes she invites them to say something just by being her normal, annoying self, but she is pregnant. Not freaking perfect. For those uninformed/chauvinist people out there, let me explain it for you. Pregnancy. Will. Suck. In the movies it’s all ‘Oh, you’ve got such a pregnancy glow!’ and ‘Wow, you’re looking great today!’ and there is not even a mention of those days when all you want to do is be a lazy slob. I’m one of the oldest of three siblings and a buttload of cousins. I know what women are like when they’re pregnant.

Yes, I do know that some women had the time of their lives when pregnant, but it’s pretty rare.

Pregnancy means wacky hormones, mood swings, rapid physical changes, and sometimes feeling like freaking s***. My mom says it’s like ‘when you’ve got a very high fever and you just feel so weak and helpless and overall cruddy that you just randomly burst into tears. Only multiplied by 10.’

Now imagine going through all of that in front of the rest of the frigging world and, on top of that, being called fat.

It’s like the total opposite of the pressure celebrities feel to shed their baby weight. You’ve all seen those articles on ‘so-and-so looks great in a bikini’. But, according to the general public, if they lose weight too fast, they’re being unhealthy. If they’re taking a bit of time to lose it cause they have a newborn attached to them 24/7, then they’re fat and lazy and a ‘failure to society’. Seriously.

I am sure that if Kim was looking a bit slim for however many weeks along she is, people would be saying that she’s starving herself. And here she is now. Perfectly normal. And people are saying that she’s fat. Make up your freaking minds.

The message that women are getting is that they’re never perfect enough. And that needs to stop.

So this is in defense of Kim Kardashian.

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