New theme!

Koko wants to know; What do you think of my new theme? It’s fishy, it’s pretty, and I like it. But I want your opinion. (This means you, readers!)

Anyway, what do you think? Do you like it better this way, or better the way it was before? The last theme was called Brand New Day, in the Sunshine setting.

I have decided on either this theme (Something Fishy) or the Twenty Ten theme with a customized background. The background will either be the flower-y one or the book-filled one. Go to the sites and then decide. Your options are: 1, Something Fishy; 2, Brand New Day; 3. Twenty Ten in flowers; or 4. Twenty Ten in books.

The person who comments with more than 5 sentences, and is actually helpful, will get a PDF of their own customized Hogwarts student ID. Example below.



This was an ID I made for a RP-ing/cosplaying/whatever-it-is friend of my mom’s who wanted one. Don’t worry, the name’s her RP name. This was also back when I did not know how to get the Hogwarts motto-thing right. And yes, I do know my table looks like crap in this picture.

But yeah, the first person to comment with 5 sentences or more, and those sentences are helpful, will get a PDF file with this. (To the winner: I will email you later on with more info)

ETA: Book-filled Twenty Ten is out.

About Danny

I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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4 Responses to New theme!

  1. Oh, I see two people have liked this post. Yet, they have not commented. Does no one want a Hogwarts ID?!

    • River says:

      Well, I was trying to be nice and let someone else win it, but since you’ve said that. . . . XD

      My personal favorites would be Brand New Day (Sunshine) or Something Fishy. (I love the animations on Something Fishy!) However, I could see Lollipops and Rainbows in Twenty Ten with the flower background. It would be whimsical, which would really fit this blog in my opinion. The books I don’t like as well–so serious!–but I guess it’s appropriate since you love books.

      So. . . was that helpful?

      • Yes, it was! Now, Brand New Day (Sunshine) or Something Fishy? XD I’ll keep the flowers and Twenty Ten for when I want something different, I guess. I’d already ruled books out by the time you commented. (I should really add that to the post, shouldn’t I?)
        Gryffindor (Gryffindork), Hufflepuff (Jigglypuff), Ravenclaw (I don’t have a strange name for this house), or Slytherin (Blitherin’)?

        • River says:

          I’m glad it helped! I’d keep Something Fishy for now, personally, since you just changed. Save the others for when you get bored, maybe. . . .

          Gryffindor! To match my awesome scarf. XD

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