Make-it-Monday ~hideously awesome bag~

I have, once again, posted this late. I should just write these the day before and schedule them, shouldn’t I? Well, anyway, today we are . . . Oh yeah, we’re making a bag! My aunt saw the granny square blanket I made and requested a bag made out of granny squares. Yes, a bag. Out of granny squares. So, I tried, and made this.

Ignore the tree-plant-thing in the background. Cool? Lame? Meh? Whatever.

You’ll need

  • 16 granny squares
  • yarn for sewing them together and the handles
  • a tapestry needle

Join 4 squares into a strip and make 4 strips. Then sew or crochet the four stripes together according to the drawing below.

For each strap, ch 90, then 3 rows single crochet. Make 2, then crochet or sew them on the bag. After that, make a row of single crochet around all edges (both bag and strap). And . . . admire the hideous/beautiful creation that was brought into existence by your hands. The good part is I got paid for the bag. The bad part is, it was only $5.


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I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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2 Responses to Make-it-Monday ~hideously awesome bag~

  1. River says:

    I don’t know about calling the bag hideous. Seems pretty cool to me. But then, it is in my favorite color. 😛 Maybe next time you can charge more for it.

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