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Make-it-Monday ~gumdrop bunny~

A gumdrop bunny is basically a gumdrop shaped thing with bunny ears. Like this. It’s basically a gumdrop with ears. Feel free to adapt this pattern! I’d love it if you sent me a link to your adaptations. You’ll need … Continue reading

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I have a Blavatar!

I have a Blavatar! That would be…er, this. But yeah. It is awesome! And also bunny drop-off today. There’ll be a bunny placed inside the Brandon Costco on a box of apples. Look hard and good luck!

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Lack of bunny-drop-off-places

The only place I normally go is the library. GAH. Where else should I put them? I NEED ANSWERS.

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Yep, you heard it. IT IS MY BIRTHDAYYYYYY. And now I will be a spoilsport and not do anything for my birthday. HA. I’m just sitting in my room, reading fanfic,messing with pictures, setting up my new blog . . … Continue reading

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Make-it-Monday (late post) ~scarf~

LATE POST! Sorry, I didn’t schedule this post for yesterday, I forgot to. SORRY SORRY SORRY. *grovels at readers’ feet* I AM NOT WORTHY. Anyway, scarves. Yep. In my defense, I was bored, my inspiration has been kidnapped, my dad … Continue reading

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Look! My sarcastic and slightly twisted wit is back!

Yes it is, and it is on a roll, people. I made all these thingies in just ten minutes. Seems like I get hyper late at night. Yet another reason for you to let me stay up, Dad. Eh, on … Continue reading

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Bow to my awesomeness.

Do it. Bow to my awesomeness. Bow. BOW NOW OR ELSE. Fine. Imperio. BOW TO MEEEEE–wait. How did you throw it off? GARGH I AM A FAILURE. Anyway, the sentences above give you a peek into my mind. You do … Continue reading

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Bunny drop

Bunny drop @ Bloomingdale library. Check where the books by Brian Jacques are. Happy bunny hunting! P.S. the bunny’s hot pink. Should be easy enough to spot.

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