Make-it-Monday (late post) ~scarf~

LATE POST! Sorry, I didn’t schedule this post for yesterday, I forgot to. SORRY SORRY SORRY. *grovels at readers’ feet* I AM NOT WORTHY. Anyway, scarves. Yep. In my defense, I was bored, my inspiration has been kidnapped, my dad forced me to go swimming, my mom forced me to go pick out dresses (for what reason I do not know), and yeah. On with the patterns.

You’ll need

  • yarn (I normally use a color like white or black and take two contrasting colors (like lilac and pink) for stripes)
  • a neck
  • patience
  • an H hook

Row 1: Ch 18, turn and dc in 3rd ch from hook. 1 dc in ea st to end. (16)

Rows 2-whatever many rows you want/need to make it long enough: Ch 2, turn, 1 dc in ea st to end. (16)

Then I finish it off, cut yarn, and tie it on the bottom to make fringe. Normally for my scarf pattern I take a nice color that doesn’t stand out too much (white) and every two rows of white, add one row of a bright color (hot pink/purple) then two more rows of white, row of color, etc. I do that till it’s about…well, however long you want it. I feel like this is just serving to confuse you. Anyway, this is done and Koko = lethargic state on bed listening to music. Here’s a sample of my music, if you want. The awesome Harry Potter clips help too.

Crochet Abbreviations

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2 Responses to Make-it-Monday (late post) ~scarf~

  1. cloudcross says:

    Hi, Koko-chan! Nice post!
    Are you not doing ‘Quote-a-week’ anymore? I haven’t seen one in a while. . . :3

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