Make-it-Monday square knotting~

So, as you may see by the choice of project today, you will be learning to square knot.

Start with four cords (or two doubled cords).
I have used different colors to make it easier for you to follow.
The two inside (yellow) cords are your “core” cords and will remain stationary as you make your knot.
The outside cords (orange and brown) are your knotting cords.

Half Knot

Place the right hand (brown) cord over the two core (yellow) cords.

   Place it under the left hand (orange) cord.

Bring the left hand (orange) cord under the two core cords and up through the loop formed by the core cord and the brown cord.

Tighten by pulling gently on the knotting cords.

Repeating this knot over and over will create a spiral. You can continue to do half knots over and over for a DNA-looking type of bracelet.






Square knot

Start by making a half knot as above.

The second half of the square knot is the reverse of the first half.

Bring the orange cord (which is now on the right hand side) behind the two core cords.
Bring it over the left hand (brown) cord.

Place the brown cord into the right hand loop by going over the core cords and under the orange cord.

Tighten by gently pulling on the knotting cord.

You can keep going over and over for a flatter bracelet.

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I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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