Of Twitter and boredom


So what do you think? Also, I’m pretty sure that some people from Twitter are reading this right now. Hello, @FoursMainFear and @sassyfox01! So, anyway, I’ve decided to put up another quote so people who hate THG can enter. And it is . . . “After six lawyers, two fist fights, and a near fatal attack with a spatula (don’t ask), they won the right to keep Sadie with them in England.”

So guess that quote . . . I’m begging you. Anyway, here are some more comics for you to bust your guts out while laughing. Remember, I got them here.


They would just wander around and get confused at things and smash/blow stuff up, unless the clue is a door, and Hawkeye will have a brilliant revelation about doors opening from both sides. Black Widow will be Lestrade and she’ll just go ahead and solve the mystery for them and then make them think they did they did it so that they feel proud of themselves.

*struggles to hold back laughter*

“And we shall call it this land” GAHAHAHAHAHAXD *dies of laughter*

Peeta will solve every problem with camouflage.


No no Cato keep going you’re doing GREAT

HAHAHAHAHA (by now expect all my comments to be laughter)

Oh Haymitch.

Peeta is just lying there going “uhhhhhh it huuuuurts’.

A pic of glitter just because.

And there we are for the day.

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I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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8 Responses to Of Twitter and boredom

  1. Haha I love the Hunger Games comics! Are there any more of them?

  2. River says:

    LOL, like the comics.

    The quote: Carter said it in The Red Pyramid. Right?

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