Bunnies and Annoyingness

Hello, readers.

So, what to write…Oh, I dropped off a bunny at the McDonald’s near the China Airlines check-in at LAX airport. And another one around gate 57, also at LAX. If you found one, comment on this post, please. So, anyway, I was delayed for two days trying to get back here.

It all started when our first flight from Jogjakarta to Jakarta was delayed. Then, when we got to Jakarta, the counters were already closed so we couldn’t check in. We went to Customer Service, and they took us to their lounge to wait while they worked on our tickets. A few hours later, around 7:00, we went back there because it had been 5 hours and we still hadn’t heard from them. They said they would try to get us on a flight to Amsterdam, from Amsterdam to Chicago, and from Chicago to Florida. The Amsterdam flight was at 7:55, but they didn’t want to put us on there because they said they didn’t have enough time to work on our seating. My mom started to scream at them, and they went back into the little room and started to argue. I went to peek at them (just a side note; there were about 10 people ‘working’) and nine of them were just standing around, literally twiddling their thumbs. I mean, COME ON! Sigh. Anyway, they delayed working so we couldn’t get on that flight, and then they tried to convince my mom to let them put us into a hotel, which was what they wanted to do when we first got there at 2:00.

She lost the argument and they put us into a hotel. A nice one, but I hated it.

They next day, we went back to the customer service place, where we commenced to screaming at their (exceptionally stupid) heads.They finally agreed to put us on a flight to Taiwan, and from Taiwan to LA, and from LA, home. It didn’t work out. Firstly, when we got to LA, the Delta people said they didn’t get our information from Garuda Indonesia (which was the one with the stupid workers), even though Garuda said that they would check us all the way. We ended up checking into a hotel. We checked back out at 4 am and went back to the airport, and they decided to put us on a flight to Minneapolis. We got to Minneapolis, and from there, we took a flight to Florida, where we sat in the very back row, and the engines were so loud. Miraculously, we made it home, where I immediately fell into a deep come (read: deep sleep) and promptly woke up at 4 am. Thus begins the trouble of overcoming jet lag. Oy.

About Danny

I blog about whatever's on my mind. Usually that's stuff like Harry Potter metaposts, writing, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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