Bunny crochet pattern

Wow. I just realized that this will be my fourth post today. Cool. So anyway, I am posting the pattern I use to make bunnies to drop off. Comment if it is in any way confusing.


F hook

Baby yarn


Row 1: ch 2, turn and sc 5 in 1. (5)

Row 2: sc 2 in each sc around. (10)

Row 3: 3 sc, then ch 4 and slst in each ch back down to the row. 2 sc, ch 4, and slst in each ch back down. 5 sc to end of round. (10)

Row 4: 1 sc, in next stitch do 2sc, 1 sc, in next stitch do 2 sc, go behind ear, 2sc, go behind ear, 2 sc in 1, 1 sc, 2 sc in 1, 2 sc. (15)

Row 5: decrease all around and 1 sc in last stitch. (8)

Row 6: stuff. Decrease all around. Tie off.

Embroider nose onto front of bunny. Proceed to love it and carry it around while looking for my dropped-off bunnies.

Crochet abbreviations.

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12 Responses to Bunny crochet pattern

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  4. rastelly says:

    You need to post a picture!

    If this is easy enough for me to learn – I mite take up Knitting.

    I do origami – I just invented a process for folding the children’s book
    character from my childrin’s book – but would love a yarn bunny to go
    with him.

    • I know, I should. I’ll try to find the camera and see if it’s charged later. If I do get to post some pictures, I’ll comment on your blog so you’ll know.

      It’s crochet, actually. You can learn how to knit with Youtube, which has a bunch of helpful videos. Just search ‘how to crochet’ and you should find some nice ones. You can also ask around at the library.

  5. wyxone says:

    Aww it would be nice if there was a picture… Hahaha but love the free pattern! ^_^ (well in general I like free patterns soo…)

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